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Lost Wedding Ring on Farm in Mannington,NJ Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a farmer explaining that while clearing brush from one of his farms he had lost his wedding ring. Although he had felt it was within a certain area it was still a rather large search area. Arriving at the farm the next day(Christmas Eve) we discussed the events that led up to the loss and began searching the most likely areas. Unfortunately things were not going as easy as we had hoped as the the ring was still missing and we were running out of spots to search after about an hour. Moving on we decided to expand an area where he had parked his truck and after just a few minutes I looked over to him and said Merry Christmas! He looked at me for a second and then said You found it? I responded,”Look right there” as I pointed to the ground. He couldn’t believe it and said it was a miracle and couldn’t wait to call his wife with the great news. A time of miracles! Merry Christmas!      Recovery#107