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Wedding Ring Lost and Found at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Thursday Mike went to the beach on Indian Rocks for a mid-morning swim. When he got down to the water’s edge he realized that he still had his wedding band on. Normally he would leave it in the car to make sure that he did not lose it. He placed the ring in the pocket of his pants along with his keys and left them folded on the beach.

After returning from his swim he picked up the pants and walked up to the sand dunes then headed south to the walkway where he had parked. On the way he got his car keys out of the pants pocket and remembered he had put his ring in there also.  He looked for the ring but could not find it. He immediately started to backtrack his steps looking for the ring but could not find it.

He went home and started searching for metal detectors and called Myers Detector Depot in Tampa to see about renting one. Phil Myers told him to google the Ringfinders and they would be able to help.

He called Mike Miller who was on Madeira Beach and the time. Mike Miller met up with him at the location and started to hunt. After  hunting for quite some time Mike Miller questioned the location at which time Mike Muthig showed him a picture he had taken earlier at the place where he discovered the ring missing and turned out that they had been hunting in the wrong location. Mike Miller hunted the new area for a few minutes but had leave  due to time.

They called Tom Jones and set up a call out for the Ringfinders group at 6:00 pm.

Tom, Stan Flack, Paul Hill and Jerry & Debi Snyder  started a search of the area. They hunted the area several times with no luck. Not willing to give up so easy the team started hunt the rest of the path that Mike had taken and Tom soon found the ring.

Mike said that he had started to give up and felt bad that the team was still hunting. The ring was returned and Mike was happy again

ring mike group

Clearwater Gardeners Lost Ring Recovered

During Sandy’s morning walk her fingers swelled from the humid air.  Sandy decided to take her ring off and put it in her pocket.  After her morning walk, Sandy decided to go right to the back yard and get some yard work done.  After cleaning the planter beds, mulching and starting to do some pressure washing she noticed her ring was missing from her pocket.  Knowing her son Josh had a friend that was a ringfinder, she called him for help.  Josh filled Stan Flack in and a time to meet in the backyard the next day was set.  Stan checked the plant beds, the bag of yard trash and mulch.  All that was left was the lawn between the back door and where Sandy had been working.  Five minutes on the lawn and the ring was found.  Smiles all the way around.  Sandy is a happy camper.

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Treasure Island Wedding Ring Recovered

Mike and Jody were enjoying a day at the beach so Mike put his ring in his shoe so he wouldn’t lose it. Not knowing this Jody needed to get to something and moved his shoe and viola the ring disappeared. They called SRARC who sent out team member Stan Flack seeing how he was nearby. Mike was certain of the area and so this was an easy day for Stan. Took about 15 seconds and the ring was returned much to the delight of JODY.
Thanks Stan for being there for both recoveries this past weekend!

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100 Year old Ring lost then recovered on Treasure Island

After calling Bill Jackson’s to find someone with a metal detector, Jerry Blair of Dunnellon, FL called SRARC with a desperate plea. His wife Cherife was on Clearwater Beach looking for a lost 100 + year old platinum and diamond ring that had been passed down from her grandmother to her that had been lost in the sand.

Tom Jones called Chris Durden who happened to be leaving Clearwater Beach at the time and asked him to call Cherife and help her find the ring. Moments later Chris called Tom back and informed him that she was on Sunset Beach instead. Hearing this Tom decided to meet her instead since he was only 10 minutes from her.

Tom arrived to find that she had put 3 rings in her shoe the evening before so as not to lose them in the water. When she left the beach she picked up her towel tipping over her shoes. She picked up the shoes and went to her car. Upon arriving at the car she realized that her rings had been inside her shoe and had been dropped. She went back to the beach and searched the area finding 2 of the 3 rings but could not find the one that was most dear to her heart.

Tom started hunting listening for a soft target since the ring was very small and platinum. After passing over the area Cherife had marked out he found a penny, quarter and a pull tab but no ring. He went back over the area very slowly and found the ring at the exact location where Cherife had found the other two.

Needless to say she was extremely happy and called her husband to tell him the great news.

Ring Cherife

Treasure Island Engagement Ring Lost and Recovered

On May 23rd 2015 my wife Lauren was out in the gulf playing catch with a football with some family that had came to visit from Detroit , Michigan (our home town)

Lauren caught a pass and we heard her say “oh no! My ring!” We instantly swim toward her and started searching . After hours of looking for the ring, a storm came in and forced us to post pone our search until the next day.

I posted an ad on Craigslist about how I lost the ring in the water and if anyone finds it , please get in contact with me. It was only after 20 minutes of posting my ad , Stan Flack had replied to my email and offered to help me look for the ring. He called me and we set the arrangement to meet at the Bilmar Beach resort where the ring was lost.

Stan said he would be there at 4:00 pm and he was already in the water when I got there at 4:01pm. After 30 minutes of searching the water, a storm started to roll in with thunder and lightning … I was nervously watching him search for the ring as I knew we were running out of time… Next thing I know it Stan digs into the sandy ocean floor, turns around and yells “John, I found your ring!” My jaw dropped and heart felt like it stopped beating. It felt as if I was in a dream. I run out to the spot where Stan found the ring and give the the biggest hug I could possibly give. I will never forget this day and I am so grateful for you and your help. My wife is thrilled to have it back on her finger… And I owe that all to Stan Flack.

I will never be able to thank you enough!!!!


Much love and gratitude ,


Stan 4 Stan 2

Wedding Band lost and recovered on Treasure Island

Steve and Kate Drof (recently married) were enjoying a day at the beach with friends and Kate’s Mom. Steve was standing in about thigh deep water talking with one of his friends. He noticed how loose his ring was on his finger and commented to his friend that he needed to get it sized before he lost it. He pulled on to see if it would come off and sure enough it popped off and flipped into the water. He and his friend looked frantically for several hours but it stayed hidden in the sand. The next day Steve returned with snorkel gear and hunted some more. Kate started looking on the internet for help and ran across SRARC on the Ring Finders site. She contacted Mike and they set a meet time of 5:00 pm the next afternoon. Kate and her Mom showed up to get us into the right area and with 4 hunters, Paul Hill, Ed Osmar, Bill Gallant, and Mike Miller we forged our way into the waves and hunted for about an hour in the rough surf before the rain and lightning drove them off. They reset a hunt for the following morning and after Steve lined them up to where he had been Paul took about 10 steps into the gulf, made a left turn and took 2 more steps and hit it. Steve could not believe it and almost broke into tears. After that it was nothing but great big smiles. Nice work Team and a big thanks to Paul for hitting the jackpot.

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Wedding ring recovered at Sunset beach, Treasure Island

Down in Florida from Illinois, Rachel and Leslie and the kids Tegan and Harley were on Sunset Beach for their wedding ceremony. Leslie had taken responsibility for three of the rings (hers, Tegan’s and Harley’s). Rachel had given her ring to one of the attendants to hold. They walked from the entry point to the Wedding arches placed on the beach. Just before stepping under the Wedding arch, Leslie handed off the bouquets to one of the attendants and the proceeded to the arch for the ceremony. When it came time for her ring presentation she discovered her ring was missing. The ceremony went on and the couple was married as planned, but the missing ring left an empty spot in the memories.

A few day’s later, Channel 10 news got wind of the event and started looking for a solution. They found SRARC on the Ring Finders site and contacted Mike Miller. On very short (1 hour) notice Mike put out a request for hunters and when he arrived at the site found Tom Jones and Chris Duerden ready to go. Jonathan Petramala from Channel 10 showed up a few minutes later and then the wedding coordinator Lisa with Tide The Knot Beach Weddings came to show us the general area where to look. We hunted hard for a couple hours with no luck but just as we were ready to give up Tom found the ring. Lisa called the couple and they came down from Clearwater to claim their ring. When they arrived there were so many smiles going around that beach it was just awesome!!!!!!!! We want to give our best wishes to the couple for a wonderful future together. We are happy we could be part of their memories.

Link to video story:

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Don CeSar Resort Platinum Ring with Solitaire Diamond Recovery

SRARC received a call from Shadd Young asking for help finding his wife’s platinum and diamond ring. It had been lost it in the water behind the Don Cesar Resort while catching a football just before sundown on April 5th. Shadd told Tom Jones that he could meet him at the beach any time so Tom called Mike Miller and they decided to try and do a hunt as soon as possible. They met Shadd late morning and hunted the area as deep as they could until the high tide forced them to stop. At that time they decided to organize a hunt later that evening when the tide was low.

At 6:00 pm Tom Jones and Mike Miller met up with Paul Hill, Rick Magyar and Ed Osmar to hunt the area that could not be hunted earlier. After 40 minutes of battling the afternoon sea-breeze surf the ring was found. The group called Shadd and informed him to come and pick up his wife’s custom made ring.

He showed up and could not believe that they actually got the ring back and praised the group for the “Noble Thing That They Do”.

Now he, his wife and daughter can go back home to Denver with big smiles and great memories of their trip to Florida.

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Wedding Band Returned at Indian Rocks Beach

Howard Metts got a call from a National Geographics for the recovery of one of their camera crew’s lost wedding bands. The crew was filming reenactments of shark attacks and the cameraman was in waist deep water shooting the action when he felt his wedding band slip off. SRARC got a Ring Finders recovery crew together and scheduled a meet at the filming site the next morning. Six volunteers, Tom Jones, Howard Metts, Chris Duerden, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, and Mike Miller showed up and began the hunt. After about 30 minutes Howard Metts found the ring.

Taylor, the camera man, was extremely excited and overjoyed to have his wedding ring back. We were happy to see the joy on his face when it was put into his hand. Awesome job Howard and thanks to all who found time to join in the recovery.

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Another Happy Ending in Pinellas County

Danielle  called at 9:00 am on the 17th of November asking for help finding a wedding band belonging to her brother, Chad. He had lost it off the seawall behind his home on Saturday, November 15th and was upset thinking that it would never be found. Danielle found the Ringfinders and called Tom Jones and asked if they could help in any way.

A large storm with a cold front following was coming in off the Gulf of Mexico that afternoon. With this in mind Tom headed out to the beach and met Danielle. After 45minutes of hunting through oyster shell and various metal targets, Tom found the ring and returned it to Danielle. Her brother Chad did not have any idea that she had found us and that we had found the ring.

She said that he was going to be so surprised when he got home and got his ring back.

Tom  tom ring