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Sentimental Wedding Ring Recovered on Indian Shores Beach, Florida

Lorena was out with her family for a day at the beach over the Labor Day weekend. Late in the afternoon she decided to go for a quick dip in the gulf before heading for home. As she stood in the water about waist deep she felt a ring slip from her finger. The ring was passed down to her from her father who has since passed and it was very important to her.

She and the family looked for about an hour without finding the ring so on the way home she goggled metal detector Clearwater and up popped SRARC on The Ring Finders blog. She called Stan and he made a fast trip to the location where Lorena met him. Stan hunted for about 45 minutes until it got too dark and stormy to continue. SRARC scheduled another hunt the next day. Lorena met Chris, Mark, and Mike and showed them where she thought it might be found. About 15 minutes later Mark pulled his scoop up and there it was. There were plenty of hugs and smiles to go around with Lorena overjoyed to have her father’s ring back on her finger.

Special congratulations go to Mark Sillence for getting his first ever ring on his first ever hunt with the SRARC recovery team. Nice work Mark and the rest of the SRARC team.

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HS Class Ring Lost, Found and Returned from Pass A Grille beach

During a recent detecting trip Mike Miller found a class ring. He started a search to find the owner (Tracie) and was able to find her and return her ring to her.

Her story is that Tracie and her fiance (David) were at her favorite beach for the afternoon. David was wearing her High School class ring and she warned him that if he lost it he was a “dead man”. He went into the water and was pulling himself along the bottom in waist deep water where sure enough the ring came off. Tracie was not a happy beach person after that, but they looked for the ring and finally gave up.

A couple months later she got an email telling her that Mike had found her ring and would like to return it to her. Overjoyed she contacted him and they met at a local Gulfport restaurant. She said not only did Mike return her ring he saved her fiancé’s life. The picture and smiles say the rest.


Diamond Pendant Recovered from St Pete Beach Inland Canal

Allison contacted SRARC distraught over losing her vintage diamond pendant in the water near their dock. When she explained that the water was 8 to 10 feet at that area it was a concern because this is a dive hunt and not a normal detecting call out. She went on to say that the bottom was really soft and lots of silt.

After hearing her plea to please help, Tom Jones decided to give it a try but with the warning that the pendant may or may not be recovered.

Tom Jones and Joe Szemer loaded up a compressor, dive gear and detectors and headed out to the home to meet up with Allison and her family. The water at the dock was still 6 – 8 feet at low tide, so Tom hooked up his dive gear and dropped in. Within 2 minutes on the bottom Tom Noticed what looked to be a shell on the sand. When he ran his detector over it he got a signal, reached down and picked up the half dollar sized pendant. He came back up and everyone thought something was wrong until he handed the pendant to Joe. Luckily the piece was large enough to lay on top of the soft sand.

Upon getting out of the water Allison hugged Tom even though he was dripping wet, she said “I don’t care if you’re wet. Thank you so much for finding it for me.”

Great Job Ton and Joe. SRARC appreciates your taking that extra step to bring the smiles.

Pendant Tom tomjoe


Wedding Ring Recovered at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Alex and Emma were enjoying a family reunion vacation with Emma’s parents and siblings with spouses at Clearwater Beach. They had traveled from the UK and the weather was not cooperating until Monday evening. The wind and rain had died down in the late afternoon and they finally got the chance to enjoy the beach. Alex was playing catch when he felt something funny and then noticed his wedding ring was missing. The whole family looked for it but could not find it.

That evening Alex began looking on the internet for someone to help and SRARC  popped up right away on The Ring Finders site. He contacted Tom and arrangements were made for a team to meet the next morning at 8:00 am. The team, Jim & Gerri Adams, Ed Osmar, Chris & Georgia Duerden, and Mike Miller got the lay out from Alex and went to work. About 30 minutes later Mike got lucky and found the ring. He called to Alex and Emma to come see if it was their ring. As they approached they were astonished that we had actually found the ring. Alex with a big grin on his face shook Mike’s hand and thanked him while Emma broke into tears of joy. Mike got a great big hug to round out the celebration.

The sun was out and the family was rejoined with the lost ring. They were really ready to get on with a great vacation and we think the weather will be cooperating for the rest of the week. Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wedding Ring Recovered At Clearwater Beach, Florida

My husband and I got married at Clearwater Beach, Florida in 2014 and came back to visit my old home for our one year anniversary. On a Thursday, we were hanging out on the beach and I decided to go down to take pictures by the water. I placed my ring inside a rose and scooted up closer to the shore to get a nicer view. When I moved up, the ring fell and at that point, I believe the water had come up. I looked around, but could not find it. A lady that was nearby also tried to help me, but we had no luck. I spent the next few hours searching and even came back the next day. I was hoping to find someone with a metal detector, but was unable to both days. I kept faith that somehow it would show up and someone would return it.  After returning back from our vacation, I thought about filing a Clearwater Police report for a missing item online, but first I began to search, “missing rings in Clearwater Beach, Fl”, and that’s when I found Ring Finders! I went to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club page and sent an email in hopes that someone could help. Stan immediately contacted me and got more information from me. I wasn’t sure if he would find it since it was almost a week later and Clearwater beach is a highly detected area. Stan went exactly a week after I lost it and I was beyond shocked when I looked at my phone and saw the picture of my missing ring in his hand! I was blown away and I am so grateful for Stan and his wife, Linda, for helping me get my lost treasure back. Miracles do happen and I thank all the volunteers at Suncoast Research and Recovery Club for all they do! A big thanks to Stan Flack and Howard Metts for bringing a smile to another couples faces.

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Wedding Ring recovered on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Brian was at the beach with family checking out the sea life and the small shells burrowing in the sand.   They all decided to head back to the blanket and  Brian went in the ocean to wash the sand off his hands.  When he got to the blanket he realize his ring was missing. He placed an ad on craigslist where ring finder member Howard Metts saw it and alerted Stan Flack because it was near his home.  A call went out for ring finders. Five volunteers showed to look for Brian’s ring. After about 40 minutes of hunting Stan came up with the ring. Unbelief and happiness could be seen on Brian’s face. Nice work by all!!

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Engagement Ring Recovered at Clearwater Beach Florida

Howard works his magic at Clearwater Beach! ******************************************************************* Tiffany was playing volleyball in the water at Clearwater Beach with friends and watched her engagement ring come off her finger as she hit the ball. SRARC member Howard Metts happened to be detecting in the water and was exiting to go home when he was approached by a young lady and asked to help find the ring. The young lady lead Howard to Tiffany and her friends who were searching for the ring in the water, but it had vanished in the clear water under the sand. Within a few minutes Howard was able to locate the ring and return it to Tiffany who was very grateful. Thanks Howard, you make us proud and shine a positive light on what we love to do!

FullSizeRender  Howard

Reddington Beach Florida Wedding Ring Returned

Joe and his family were enjoying a hot 4th of July on Arrington Beach tossing around a frisbee.  When Joe was getting out of the water he noticed his ring was missing.  Joe’s wife contacted SRARC ring finders for help.  A few days later when the tide and weather cooperated, Stan Flack and Jim Adams arrived to try and find the ring on Joe’s description of where he thinks it was lost.  An hour into the hunt Stan came up with the ring.  Joe was amazed it could be found and very Happy.

stan Joe StanJoe

Wedding Ring Lost and Recovered on Treasure Island, Florida

Alex and his wife of one year traveled from Mexico to enjoy a family reunion in Treasure Is., FL.  While playing volleyball it was Alex’s turn to serve.  At the end of his overhand serve he felt his wedding ring come off.  He and many of the reunion got down on their hands and knees to search for the ring.  Now this was not your run of the mill wedding band.  Many family members donated their jewelry to make the wedding band set for the bride and groom.   Devastated, they inquired at the office for any information that may help their cause.  The office happened to have for the number for SRARC.  Alex called Mike Miller and left a message and requesting a call back.  Mike Miller and Paul Hill had just finished detecting Clearwater beach when they received the message.  Being so close by, they headed right down to begin the search.  Upon arrival, Alex showed them the area which he was serving explaining the situation as best as he could.  Paul began the search and was not getting any targets on the surface as it should have been.  Gridding the court, Paul expanded his search to include the opposite side as well.  Still no luck.  Mike, who had been assisting with a pin pointer decided he would go get his detector to help out.  When Mike returned he searched an area passed the volleyball court over a 12 foot sidewalk.  Within 3 minutes Mike had the ring in hand.  Nearly 70 feet from the service line.  Everyone was in shock that it was so far from where it was presumed to be.  Needless to say, the reunion is now ready to resume on a high note.

SRARC wishes Alex and his bride a Happy One Year Anniversary this Saturday.

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Man With Good Contacts finds Maderia Beach Ring

Kyle and his family were enjoying a weekend at Madeira Beach, Fl. from their home in Lakeland. Kyle was playing volleyball and noticed his wedding ring was gone after diving for the ball up by the net. They searched desperately with no luck. Kyle’s mom happened to be lifelong friends with Mitch a metal detectorist who lives in Sebastian Inlet on the East Coast. She contacted him and he contacted Paul Hill via Facebook whom he knows from detecting together in England. This was about 8:10pm. Knowing it was on a volleyball court and may be hit by someone else, Paul headed out to help. Arriving, Paul got right to work after Kyle explained what happened. With few signals Paul asked Kyle if he was sure it came off at that point or he just realized it was gone when he rose from the diving play. Kyle was pretty sure it happened at that time. Paul expanded his search area and decided to grid the half court in which Kyle played. After about the 5th pass the ring was recovered in front of the serving area. Bride and groom were happy to have the ring back where it belongs!

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