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Wedding ring lost in Toms River NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #18 for 2021
A few days ago I was contacted by Nick. While at his Mother in laws house he lost his wedding ring in the front yard a few months back. He showed me the area and within about 5mins of searching I found it! He was surprised I found it so quickly and very happy as well! Another good ending!

Lost ring in Ship Bottom Lbi NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #17 for 2021
Yesterday I was contacted by Ken. While at the beach in Ship Bottom Lbi NJ with all of his family members to say their last goodbyes to his late father, Ken was wearing his fathers ring and at some point during their walk on the beach the ring slipped off and disappeared into the sand. I made arrangements with Ken to meet him this morning so he could show me the path he walked. During his walk he stopped at the trash cans to throw out some trash he had picked up that had been left behind from the summer. He also went into the water calf deep to pay tribute to his father. As he walked, I followed behind him with my metal detector searching every inch of sand as I went. Once we got near the garbage cans I heard a nice loud tone on the machine. Bingo! I had the ring safely in my scoop! Ken was very happy and relieved to have his fathers ring back! I am very happy I was able to find it for him!

Lost wedding ring in LBI New Jersey found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery#16 for 2021
On September 15th I received a call from Fred. While in LBI visiting family with his wife, They spent the day at the beach and as Fred was body surfing he saw his ring come off from the force of the wave. Due to storms and dangerous surf conditions for 3-4 days I had to wait until the conditions were safer to do a search. On the 5th day I was able to get out there for the night time low tide and after an hour of searching I had his ring! Him and his wife were very happy that I had found it! Another happy ending!

Lost wedding ring in LBI NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #15 for 2021
I was contacted by Liz on behalf of her husband Pete. While he was at the beach he took his wedding ring off and placed it on his towel. When it came time to leave he forgot it was on the towel but then remembered the very moment he lifted the towel and shook the sand off it. I met up with him and he showed me where. Within 5 seconds of turning on the machine I found it! He was very happy to have it back! Another happy ending!

Lost wedding ring in Lbi NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #14 for 2021
Today I was contacted by Mike who was referred to me by a few of my followers (Thank you!) . While at the beach in Lbi tossing a football on the slope as the tide was coming in with his left hand he felt his wedding ring fly off. He showed me the area where it happened and I began my search. In about 15mins I had his ring in my scoop! It wound up halfway down the slope about 8 inches deep already! Him and his friends were thrilled that I was able to find it along with the surrounding crowd. Another great day!

Lost gold pendant found by Matt St.Germain in Manahawkin NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #13 for 2021
This afternoon I was contacted by fellow detectorist Scotty O’Shea about his friend Kari who works in the healthcare field. While Kari was at a park with one of her clients who is non-verbal young adult, He became pretty upset when it was time to leave the park so in protest he had pulled Kari’s necklace off and tossed it into the grass. Scotty wanted to help but he was at work over an hour away and could not. I was available for a few hours so I met Kari at the park as soon as possible. She explained to me the pendant is the most important part as it is a pendant her late Mother used to wear that she wore all through her cancer treatments and she held in high regard. It helps Kari everyday the same way it did for her Mom so it is very special to her. Once she showed me the area I got to work. There was a lot of targets in the ground as it caused my machine to sound off 2-3 times with every swing of the coil. It took a little while but finally I had her pendant in my sights! I stayed as long as I could to find the chain as well but it was not showing up and she told me she was going to get another. She was just so happy and relieved that I found her pendant! Another happy ending!

Lost diamond wedding ring in LBI NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery#12 for 2021

Earlier today I was contacted by fellow ring finder Derrick Hoffman about Kim’s lost ring. I made arrangements with her to meet her and her husband Dave on the beach in Lbi NJ near where the are staying. As Dave and I walked to the beach he explained to me how it happened. Kim had remover her ring and put it on her lap to apply sunblock and forgot it was there as the kids got her attention to play a game of paddle ball. When she realized it had fallen into the sand they reached out for help. They showed me where she was sitting and also where she was playing with the kids. Once they moved the umbrella’s I began my search. One swing and I got the signal I wanted to hear. Sure enough it was her ring! The whole family cheered and clapped with joy!. Another happy ending for the books! I love this hobby!

Lost rings in Manasquan NJ found by Matt St Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #10 for 2021

Earlier in the day I was contacted by Margie. While she was at the beach as high tide was coming in she ventured into the surf up to her chest. As she was trying to keep from getting knocked over by a wave her rings slipped off her finger. These rings are very special to her and her family. One is her late father’s wedding band and the other is her Late mother’s. Once I got the details I needed I went there during low tide and spoke to her again to make sure I was in the right area. I started gridding and slowly worked myw ay into deeper water. after about 1-1/2 hours in knee deep water I got the first tone I was looking for. Out came her father’s ring! Then almost a foot away another tone, Her Mother’s ring was now safe in my hands as well! I sent her a photo and then spoke to her on the phone. She was shocked that I found them but also very happy and relieved! I met her daughter 20 minutes later to give them back. She was also very happy to see them! I love it when a plan comes together!

Lost necklace in Ship Bottom NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery # 11 for 2021
While out for another search (story to be added soon) I was contacted by Susanne in regard to her son Brendan. While they were out at the beach earlier with a group of 11 including her husband Matt, He took off his necklace and placed it in the cup holder of his beach chair and forgot it was there. Later on when they packed up to leave the beach the necklace fell out and disappeared in the sand. I made arrangements to meet them later in the evening. After speaking with them a bit they showed me where they were. I picked my starting point, Turned on the machine and took one swing and got a tone. I found it! Needless to say they were ecstatic! Another happy ending!

Lost Gold necklace in the ocean for one week at Seaside Park NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #9 for 2021

I was contacted by Charlie and his wife Susanne on Thursday July 15th. When they were visiting the beach in Seaside Park NJ, Charlie went into the water for a swim but he forgot to remove his necklace and wrap it around his wrist while holding the medallion like he usually does. As soon as he dove into a wave his necklace came up and over his head and disappeared into the surf. Charlie has been wearing this necklace for 40 years! Not long after, 3 guys came by while metal detecting and tried to help find it to no avail. Charlie left his contact with one of them (Keith Pederson, Who also recommended he calls the Ring Finders) Encase they find it. The other 2 searched for days but they still could not find it. One of them unfortunately had every intention of keeping it.  Which is why I always tell people to be careful who they give information to and always make sure you call a professional with proven track record of returning lost items like us here at TheRingFinders.com! The necklace has now been out in the surf for a week. After getting the details I needed, I went out there the very next morning before sunrise to grid the whole slope of the beach as the tide goes out. Coming up empty handed I waited until the sun started coming up and proceeded to get into the water. The surf was a bit on the rough side but tolerable. As I walked along the drop off and turned around to go a bit into deeper water I heard a nice solid tone. I carefully dug it out with my scoop. Low and behold I had Charlie’s necklace!. I sent him and his wife a photo and got the reaction I never get tired of! They were so happy with joy that I found it!.