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Lost Wedding ring found at Glen Arbor Beach Glen Arbor, Michigan

I received an email from Mary stating her husband lost his wedding ring at the beach in Glen Arbor. I had Mary call me to set up a time to search for his ring after I got out of work. I drove the hour up to Glen Arbor and met Josh. Josh took me to the spot they were set up the day before. I could tell Josh was heartbroken that the ring was missing. He said they have been married 6 years and he did not want a replacement ring, he wanted the original back. I started the search and got an immediate 12:06 on the CTX3030. A good ring number but also a pull tab number. The depth meter was showing 6 inches deep. I got my pin pointer out and realized I forgot to put a new battery in it. So, I pinpointed with the CTX3030 then started digging by hand. I dug down to the wet sand and got the signal out of the hole pinpointed again and found the ring. Josh was so grateful to get his ring back he must have thanked me 20 times. I was very happy to help get his original ring back and appreciate the reward.


Wedding Ring found with a metal detector North Bar Lake Empire, Mi

Well the temperatures have finally gotten warm enough in the last week to get people back at the beaches in Northern Michigan.

My wife had told me about an Instagram post from one of her former co workers about loosing her wedding ring earlier in the day. I told my wife to send her a copy of my business card and see if she needed me to help. Anna responded right away saying she would be very grateful for any help. We got this figured out about 8:00 pm Saturday night. Anna had to go to work  the overnight shift and could not communicate an exact location. Got a description of White gold and a Diamond with an antique look. I got a rough location and decided to go look Saturday night. I searched from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm and no ring. Anna said she could meet me at 8:00 am the next morning and take me to the location. We met up and I got some better details on how she lost the ring. She had taken the ring off and placed it in a pocket in her swimsuit. When leaving for the day she got 1/2 way to the car and noticed the ring missing from the pocket. We met at 8:00 am and walked the 1/4 mile into the beach. Anna did a great job and got me within about 6 feet of the ring. My second target was the ring 3 inches down in the dry sand. Search time was about 10 minutes. I had not searched the area she was at the night before, I was about 40 feet away.

Lost ring found in Crystal Lake Benzie County, Michigan

Received a call from Max on Friday he had lost his Platinum wedding band in Crystal Lake on Wednesday. He was on the lake for a day of fun boating with the family. He was throwing a football and swimming just having a relaxing day. They had pulled the boat up on a sand bar in 4 feet of water about 50 yards off shore. The next morning he noticed his ring was missing.

I met him at the closest spot to the location on shore. He got permission to cross private property for me to get to the search area. The search area was very large and not having an exact spot the boat was anchored. Plus the wind was blowing directly into the shoreline with waves about 1 to 1 1/2 foot high and winds 15-20 mph. Max had to fly home the next day back to California and wanted to try to get the ring before flying back home. The boat was anchored in water about 4 feet deep. He pointed me in the direction of the area they anchored the boat in. Searched the area for 3 hours and the waves were growing. After the second wave went over my head, I decided to stop for the night and wait till the winds either died down or change direction. Called Max back and told him the plan and he did not want me to go back he was happy with my effort. I was not happy yet till the area had been completely searched.

Waited till Sunday and the wind was blowing off shore and the surface was calm.  I had asked Max to text me any pictures the group had facing the shoreline. In the background of one of the pictures, I noticed a small pine tree lining up with a window frame on a house. On the other side of the picture in the background the land owners property I had to cross had a boat on a lift. The support for the canopy lined up with the windshield on the boat. I used those 2 points to triangulate a starting boat position. Max had stated he was in an area about 100 foot circle around the boat.  So, I started the second search from the area I could not get to Friday due to the waves. I used snowplow stakes to mark a grid area and found the ring about 20 feet away from the Triangulated spot I had marked.

Shipped the ring to Max in California and I’m happy to help out.