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Lost wedding ring in a parking lot’s snow pile!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

We were contacted by Patrick after loosing his Tungsten white gold wedding band yesterday. He has only been married for about 3 months. Yesterday morning, he shoveled a path to his vehicle and went to the mall. When he stepped out of his vehicle, he slipped and fell. He removed his gloves to wipe off the snow and finished his shopping. When he arrived home, he noticed he didn’t have his ring. They searched their laneway and couldn’t find it. First thing this morning we noticed his text and we arranged to meet him. We started where he fell and we expanded our search area but no luck. We noticed a 10 foot high snow pile over 150 feet away.. There was a chance it could have been pushed but since he didn’t live far, we decided to try his driveway. We scanned up and down, in the snow bank and again, no ring… Laurie mentions that on our way back home, we will stop at the mall to see if we can follow the plow. At this point we felt our chances ever finding it were slim. It’s a good thing we are persistent people because sure enough we found it in the plow pile 150 feet away. We sent Patrick the pictures and headed back to his house. He had stepped out but called us with excitement and relief! We dropped off the ring in his wife’s hands. I think luck was definitely on their side. Take care my friends!