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Two gold rings lost and found on Nantucket Beach were returned safely

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

It was late morning when I received the call…

“Hi. Are you on Nantucket? Do you have a metal detector? And do you find lost rings?”

“Yes! My name is Nikoline and I am on Nantucket! And yes, I do find lost rings! Have you lost something?”

“Yes, I lost two rings on the beach. Can you help?”

“I sure can! Tell me, when did you lose them? And where were you?”

“It was this morning! I lost my rings on the beach in Madaket. I took them off and put them in a canvas bag before I went for a swim. When I got home they were no longer in the bag.”

A few more details of location and circumstance were discussed, then off I went! The beach was packed and the rings were no where to be found! By dusk, still no luck. Finally under a starlit sky…. Boom! There it was! The ruby and diamond ring. But where was the other one? I checked and checked again but it was not near. I then wandered further down the beach following the path of least resistance till boom! There it was! 

It Could not have been a better day. I found both of the lost rings and returned them to the fingers they belong on.

Lost Ring Nantucket – Nobadeer Beach – Found and Returned

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

Today, I received the message, “help, my husband’s gold wedding ring was lost in the sand on Nobadeer beach an hour or two ago.” I grabbed my metal detector and off to the sandy shore I went! After a quick search, the ring was recovered and returned to its rightful finger! Another happy sunny day for everyone!

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Lost and found ring Nantucket -found on beach with metal detector – Nantucket

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

I grabbed my metal detector and ran to meet her in a parking lot between Ladies Beach and   Cisco Beach here on Nantucket Island. She told me she had lost her incredibly sentimental gold ring about a month ago and that it had likely slipped off her finger while she applied sunscreen. We walked down to the beach where she showed me exactly where she had been sitting. I looked around. The waves crashed at our feet. The tide was high. The dunes had been beaten to a steep cliff by the rough surf. The ocean was turbulent and the beach narrow. The mission seemed impossible.

gold ring find

As the tide receded and I had only recovered a few bottle caps and pull tabs I feared the worst. However with persistence, sometimes miracles happen!

Boom! There it was! I found her gold ring. It was an amazing metal detecting miracle! I was all smiles and she was as well!


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Lost Keys Found – Nantucket – Beach Recovery – Call 508-788-4553

  • from Nantucket (Massachusetts, United States)

I was contacted regarding some lost car keys. The keys had been lost during a sunset picnic on one of Nantucket’s sandy beaches.  I was told two steaks had been placed to mark the area where the keys had been lost. Thanks to these two wooden steaks, strategically placed in the sand marking the approximate vicinity I was able to make a swift recovery and return them in no time! It is always a good day when one is fortunate enough to be able to put a smile on someone’s face by finding their lost item! 

a successful recovery and a big smile!








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