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Lost Wedding Ring at Bast Brothers Garden Center Sunflower Field Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder. Mullica Hill,New Jersey

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

While at home for the weekend and looking for something to do with my wife,I received a call from a woman asking for my help finding her husbands wedding ring? She explained that earlier in the week they had gone to a local farm field to have family pictures taken among the sunflowers in the field. Unfortunately while picking their child up during different shots her husbands wedding ring had fallen off. The good thing is they had the pictures of his ring on and then showing it off so they knew it was there somewhere in the field.

So I asked my wife if she would like to come along to the sunflower field which was only a few miles from our home for the recovery? Of course she was looking to get out and that sounded great so we were on our way! Before you knew it we were there and met up with the woman and her daughter who had secured permission with the owners to search the area. Walking out to the area I was not feeling too good about it as it was thick tall sunflowers,very hot and buggy. Fortunately from the photos she knew the area they were in and some of the growth was knocked down and picked there.  The woman began talking and I began my search it wasn’t long before I got a nice gold signal from my White’s V3i metal detector and as I moved some weeds I could see the ring!

Another successful recovery! Another happy customer!

Recovery# 127