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Gold Wedding Ring Returned using Metal Detector

  • from Nanaimo (British Columbia, Canada)

A 22k Gold Wedding Ring was lost trimming trees. I got contacted as the Nanaimo member for The Ring Finders.

It took a whole lot of perseverance and when we were just about to give up…BOOM.

If you or someone you know has lost their ring or anything of value made of metal you can contact your local member at www.theringfinders.com

This recovery took place October 2020.



Watch the video here on my Youtube Channel:


Irreplaceable family heirloom returned to owner

  • from Nanaimo (British Columbia, Canada)

This man thought he had lost his ring forever until he went online and found The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Directory.

It was one of those searches where the Ring could have been lost in a few different locations and I had been on a similar hunt recently where I couldn’t find the Ring and it turned up in the home owners house a few weeks later.

After a couple of hours I was starting to feel like it was another one of those wild goose chases and just before calling it quits I swung over the best sounding target I had heard all day…

Watch the video here on my Youtube Channel: