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Lost engagement ring found in Arcadia Mi with a metal detector

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Ruth that her son Henry and future daughter-in-law Garrity were in the water in Lake Michigan. Garrity felt her engagement ring slip off her finger. She and Henry frantically looked for the ring. The correct was too strong, and waves from Lake Michigan crashed into shore.

Ruth found me on The Ring Finders site and gave me a call. I agreed to meet after I got out of work that afternoon.

Once on site, I met with Henry and Garrity. They walked me to where the ring fell off Garrity’s finger. I had Garrity put a marker in the ground to give me a reference point to work from. I started a grid pattern, walking 10 feet to the drop-off, then turning around. As I turned around, I got a very faint gold signal. I thought this could not be the ring down this deep in 5 hours. That target turned out to be the ring. It was already down 5-6 inches after being lost for 5 hours. This is why ou have to get on calls as fast as possible. A combination of the strong river current and the incoming waves rove the ring down. If we had waited a couple of days, the ring would have been too deep to get with a detector.

This was a fun, quick recovery after work.

Wedding ring lost in a local Traverse City lake for 20 days found with a metal detector

I received a call from Jen about her husband losing his wedding ring in a local Traverse City lake.

The search area was a large sandbar area about waist-deep water. I had to use my boat to drive out to the area.

The first time I went to look for the ring, I had winds and big waves blowing across the area. I searched for about 3 hours without finding the ring.

I took my detecting buddy Dave the second time out because the search area was so large. Dave ended up finding the ring in the end of a log after about 2 hours of us searching.




Lost ring in Long Lake Grand Traverse County, Mi found with a metal detector.

I received a call from Dave about a sentimental ring lost in Long Lake in Grand Traverse County, Mi.

I knew from the story this is one ring I had to find. They thought the ring had flown off a finger by a sweeping motion with her hand.

I told Dave the ring is there, I would find it. The only issues are all the stuff in the water over the years to sort through.

I told him this could take 10 seconds or 10 hours. I did find a lot of stuff in the water. Old coins, matchbox cars, screws, bolts from the dock, washers, nuts, and a shotgun shell casing.

I searched the primary area they set out and did not find the ring. I then decided to search under the dock; after 2 hours of searching, I finally found the ring at the edge of the dock, making everybody very happy.



Lost ring found at the Torch lake Sandbar in Torch lake Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call today from this gang enjoying the day at the Torch Lake Sandbar in the rain.

They need help finding a lost men’s wedding ring.

I got to the location, and it was an easy search. They stayed in the exact location and waited for me to arrive.

I set up my marker stakes, then walked about 5 feet to find the ring.

Lost ring found at the Torch Lake sand bar with a metal detector in Torch Lake, Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Matt needing help finding his wedding ring. Matt was with family/friends enjoying the day drinking some adult beverages while throwing a football out at the Torch Lake sand bar. (I highly recommend people drinking adult beverage and throwing a football. Its very good for my business). On one of the throws, Matt noticed his ring flying through the air. He and his friends looked for the ring but could not find it. They did save a google location on Matt’s phone, making my job a lot easier. Matt sent me the google location they were anchored at. I reassured him, I was very familiar with the exact spot the ring was lost and finding it should not be that hard. I headed out to the Torch Lake sand bar right after work to start the search. I got to the spot and found 2 pontoon boats anchored on the spot.  It was just before dark when I arrived and they were packing up to leave for the night. I waited for them to leave, then went to the spot and found the ring in 10 minutes. Matt did a great job on saving his location.

Matt was already back home and wanted me to ship the ring back to him.

Matt thanks for trusting me to find your ring and the generous reward.