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Ring fell into the water Calabogie Ontario 

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

After 17 years of wearing his wedding ring Robert had sent it back to the jewelers to be fixed and polished. When he got it back from them it seemed to fit looser. All summer he would remove his ring before swimming at the lake knowing it could slip off. One fall day Robert was full of sawdust, he went down to the lake to clean up. When he dropped his hands down he heard a splash but couldn’t see where because the water was choppy that day. He searched the cold water on a surfboard but with no success. This ring meant so much to him and it simply disappeared under silt. Almost giving up hope he thought there had to be people out there that do this kind of recovery. His online search lead him to The Ring Finders web page and this is where he connected with us. It’s fall and the water is cold so we start the search off the dock but nothing. Eric suits up in waders as Robert heads back to his cottage to start a fire. He locates his first signal, a bottle cap. Next signal really close to where he thought he heard the splash from, there was another signal. After a few attempts with the scoop he picked it up. I could see what he had described as a hammered finish wedding ring in the scoop. He had told us to call him if we find it, instead of calling him, we made our way back up the hill to his cottage. As we get close he saw us, wide eyed! Eric looks at him and says you’re right, this is a loose fit! He immediately grabbed a hold of it. You could see his relief and happiness in his face to be reunited with his long time sentimental wedding band. A great recovery!