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Lost diamond ring in the snow on a Gatineau Park trail.

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
A woman’s 14K white gold engagement ring was lost in the snow while hiking in the Gatineau Park yesterday afternoon. The Fiancé seemed pretty sure about the location and they spent time searching but couldn’t find it.  He remembered holding her hand, and she had the ring on. At one point, they had a snowball fight and she fell into the snow. After getting back up, she noticed her ring was missing. The snowball exchange and the spot where she fell, were roughly 50ft. of snow packed trail. We met up with him a few hours later and he led us to the spot. Laurie started searching were the snowball fight started. I continued down the trail with him. He then showed me the area where she fell and realized it was missing. I decided to try there and work my way towards Laurie. My very first signal, exactly where she fell, was a good one. I looked down and I could see a small anomaly in the snow…I reached down and picked up this beautiful diamond ring .
I yelled out to them, holding the ring in my fist up in the air.  You should of seen his face light up. Within minutes, he had his fiancée on the phone crying tears of joy. What a great recovery.