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Lost Wedding Ring in Daytona Beach, Florida surf…Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Monday afternoon I received a call from Joe asking if I could possibly help him find his ring.  On Saturday he and his new bride of only 8 days, were swimming in the ocean when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger and into the churning water!   He tried looking for his ring but the waves and surf were not co-operating and he soon gave up hope.  Two days later he found the ringfinders.com and gave me a call.  After hearing the details of how he lost it and the time of day I assured Joe that the chances of finding his ring were very good!

About an hour into the grid search my Dual Field detector gave off a nice clear signal and out popped Joe’s ring!  Joe was super thrilled to have his ring back and I was thanking God for another exciting and successful ring search!

Have you lost something valuable recently or not so recently?!!

Call me and let’s talk—there still may be hope!

I too really love my job!

Mike McInroe in sunny Florida

Joe writes:  Mike is an absolute saint!  Lost my ring the first day of my honeymoon and I found Mike on Google!!  He spent a long time searching and surprised me with the ring!  He’s a great guy and does a respectable thing!  Thank you Mike!