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Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Lost in Myrtle Beach… Found

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from Jennifer. She explained that she lost her 14kt White Gold Engagement set the previous day in Myrtle Beach. She lost her rings on the upper beach near their blanket. She was enjoying the beach with her husband Terry and their son Conner. She had placed her rings on her cell phone on the corner of the blanket. When they went to leave the beach Jennifer noticed that her rings were no longer where she remembered placing them. She, Terry and Conner searched for a while without any luck. Obviously the whole family was bummed that they could not find her rings.Jennifer found me and the Ring Finders Network that evening and called me the next day. I was happy to find out that they were local folks, as Terry is a Pastor at a local church, and they could meet me at the location.

I met Jennifer and her family an hour after our phone conversation near 40th Ave. N. in Myrtle Beach. Jennifer described the ring set that we would be searching for as white gold and diamond sets. She explained that she really wanted this ring back as it was the ring that her husband Terry placed on her finger 16 years ago. The four of us all walked to the beach area together. Jennifer showed me the area that she thought they were sitting. There was small a group of people in the area that had been there the day before and knew we were there to find this ring. I worked a grid that was about 30′ by 70′. I noticed that Jennifer was reserved but anxious. Every target I sent the sand scoop after would raise her eyes with anticipation. Every time I showed her a nickle or a pull tab her eyes would drop a little lower. I finished the grid and asked Jennifer which way would be the most likely for the next grid. She and Terry both agreed that south was a better direction. We had been on the beach for about 40 minutes when I finished the second grid. Jennifer was fidgeting with her fingers as I decided to go back to the north of the first grid area. I could feel her hope waning as I moved north. About 20′ into the next grid I got that beautiful gold tone from my Minelab CTX. I new it was going to be her ring. Boomyow!

I walked toward Jennifer with few more questions to try to surprise her. She didn’t fall for it as I think the big grin on my face gave me away. Jennifer plucked her ring set from my sand scoop as I held it out for her. A shriek of joy, a small tear, a giant hug past all of my gear, I never get tired of “The Ring Dance”. In any and all forms “The Ring Dance” is the best part of what we do. Her husband Terry got a big hug as the other people on the beach cheered.  Jennifer and Terry were happy to have this ring continue its story with them. Conner was happy as well, but he was even happier when he found out I was going to write about them in the blog. Jennifer and Terry, thank you for the generous reward, and all the best for your family.