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Did I loose my ring in the garbage?

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

David, came to the realization that his beautiful vintage 18k gold diamond and gem encrusted ring was no longer on his finger. He searched everywhere for it and it just simply disappeared. He thought he may of had it in his pocket and threw it away in the trash with a tissue.

Thursday morning we received a call from David asking if our metal detectors could find a ring in the garbage. I tell him if there is not a lot of metal, yes our detectors can locate it. We meet David an hour later, there was about 10 small garbage bags. we first scan each one separating them into piles. Ones with no signals, one with only lower tones and a third pile with tones closer to what I was expecting the ring to sound like. We start with the bags that had better possibilities, unfortunately it was one disappointment after another. Once we finished the last bag, I felt terrible we didn’t find it. He says oh wait the vacuum bag! We scan that but nothing.. He then says wait I’ll get the compost bin, I picked up a pumpkin that the squirrels were getting into, I put it in a box but the city compost guys wouldn’t pick it up. They lifted the lid of my compost saw the box and left it there so I brought it back to the house. We remove the box with the pumpkin and heard a great signal, I ask him if there was another tee lite candle in the pumpkin, we had found a few of them already. He says yes, there could be one. We open the box and I use my hand held pin pointer, the pumpkin was pretty badly decomposed. I see what look to be a foil and say what is that! David quickly looks and grabs his beautiful vintage ring! I jumped around like we just won the game finals! Then of course I teared up a little as I could see just how happy David was! He may have to thank the guys for refusing to pick up his compost too! I think he was very lucky and we were happy to help. A lucky return I must say!