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Lost Gold Wedding Band – Found! – Ridgefield, WA

  • from Hood River (Oregon, United States)

On the last day of May, Eugene asked if I could search for his wedding band that was missing after spreading gravel in their driveway approximately 2 months earlier. It was his families last day in that house and he couldn’t leave it behind without professional equipment, experience, and effort to find it… The Ring Finders! I searched the suspected areas and expanded the search to cover 90% of the front yard, nearly 4 hours total. We left there empty handed but Eugene was very grateful.  Besides a handshake and very kind words, he followed up with an email, “Del, Thank you for your help in giving us peace of mind in a stressful time!”  While I felt some satisfaction in knowing I gave them some closure I was ecstatic to learn, this morning, that his wedding band moved right along with them. “Our daughter was going through this change jar and came upon the ring. If you need another ring finder, she has 1 under her belt. ”

Eugene, I’m so happy your daughter found your ring and I wish you and your family all the best!

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