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Keys Found.. !! (Kind of)..Toronto,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I had a call from Robin about a set of lost keys.

Two nights ago, Robin was a little upset with her boyfriend, and threw his keys off of her 15th story balcony at her apartment.

After tossing the keys, Robin and her boyfriend looked for quite some time in the bushes surrounding the back of the apartment building with no luck. That’s when I got the call.

Robin had told me over the phone that there were several keys on a lanyard along with car remotes and other accessories and the set of keys were very heavy. I then made up a huge set of old keys on a lanyard to take this morning as a “test set”.

Once I arrived at the building this morning and met Robin, I had her give me the story again and then had her travel back up to her condo on the 15th floor and launch the keys in the exact same way she had a few nights ago.

After tossing the “test” keys, they almost hit a fence beyond the bushes, much further than she had assumed they would have traveled that night. Right away I was convinced that if her boyfriend’s keys were heavier than my test set, they easily could have made it over the fence onto someones patio in the next condo complex over.

We then searched around that area with no luck. I knew someone would have easily spotted these and picked them up.

I told her to start making flyers to post in that condo and then we parted ways.

On my way out I spotted two grounds keepers for that property and told them the story and then left.

Not 30 minutes later as I was heading to my second search of the day, I got a call from Robin who was very excited to tell me that her keys had been recently turned into that condo office…….they were found on someones patio on the other side of the fence.

Physics wins again…..

Happy you have the keys back Robin. Thanks for letting me know the outcome.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Ring Toronto…

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Finally got around to buying a GoPro camera to record my searches.

Thought I would make a short test video….



Mark Ellis


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found.!! Huntsville ,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last week, I had a call from Michael from Toronto about his lost platinum wedding band.


Michael told me that he had spent the weekend visiting with friends up at a cottage on Peninsula Lake near Huntsville ,Ontario.

While at the cottage, everyone had gone in the water of Peninsula lake to cool off and play around a little bit, when Michael noticed that his platinum wedding band had come off his finger in about three feet of water.

After searching for the lost ring for quite some time on the lake’s soft, mucky, bottom, Michael and his friends had give up the search. The ring had probably been stepped on and pushed even deeper into the lakebed and completely out of view.

When Michael finished telling me the story, I figured it would be a good search for my scuba diving friends Brad and Ryan, the father son team, as they live really close to this lake, however they would probably not need to dive for this one but would bring their gear just in case.

Brad and Ryan made it Peninsula Lake on Sunday, September 16, 2012 after getting all the info from Michael, and met with Michael’s friends up at the cottage. Michael was not able to make it up there for the search.

Brad got into the water minus the scuba gear, and spent three and a half hours trying to locate the ring in the mucky bottom. After changing underwater detectors, and cranking the White’s Dual Field gain to full , Brad finally got a nice, solid hit.

Now elbow deep in the soft muck and with his trusty Vibra Probe, Brad now held Michael’s lost ring in his hand.

After the ring was located, there was lots of celebrating over the phone with Michael and his happy wife.

The ring was returned to Michael in Toronto yesterday by his friends and a picture was sent to me tonight.

We are all really happy you have your ring back Michael..!!!

Thank you for the generous reward for Brad and Ryan. I know it was greatly appreciated.

Great job once again Brad and Ryan.

I’m going to start calling you guys the “Dream Team”

Thanks guys for helping me out with this one.!!

Take care everyone,

Mark Ellis



Platinum Wedding Band Found…!!! Toronto,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a  scheduled meeting with a reporter this morning down at Woodbine Beach in Toronto.

Tiffy Thompson writes for the Toronto Standard, and thought she would write up a story about TheRingFinders.

After having a great time with Tiffy down at the beach, showing her all about metal detectors and what we do, the interview wrapped up and we parted ways.

Moments later my phone rang, and it was about a ring search.

Spencer told me over the phone that he had been working out this morning in a park close to his home.

He had spent some time working out on the grass, then moved over into a children’s play area when the gym equipment sits in the middle of an area filled with wood chips.

Spencer began doing some chin-ups on one of the bars and noticed that his wedding band was digging into his finger.

He removed the ring, placed it in his short’s pocket and then finished his workout.

As Spencer was leaving the park, he pulled his iPhone from his short’s pocket and then moments later realized the ring was no longer in his shorts. He knew right away it must have come out with the phone and dropped unnoticed.

After searching the general areas he had been in for quite some time with no luck, a quick google search led him to me.

As luck would have it, I was already downtown and made it over to Spencer’s home fifteen minutes later.

We then went to the park and he showed me what had gone on earlier in the day, where he had been and what he had been doing.

I set up my gear and wanted to eliminate a particular grassy area first before moving into the wood chips.

Nothing was found in the grass except for a few beer caps and a quarter.

I then just started to scan around at the edge of the grass where it meets the wood chips and instantly got a great signal. A few wood chips were pushed aside and Spencer’s ring came into view.  What a relief, it was starting to get crazy hot out here today.

Glad that this was a fast search, ten minutes or less.

Really happy I could help out today Spencer and would like to thank you for the nice reward on such a quick recovery.

Spencer was a bit camera shy but his ring wasn’t, so I’ve added the ring photo.

Take care,

Mark Ellis