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Wedding Rings Found…. Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call late last night , Friday December 28, 2012 from David about his wife Jen’s lost wedding rings.

Earlier in the day on Friday, Jen was playing with their children on the snow covered front lawn, and when Jen and the kids went back inside the house later, she noticed that both of her gold and diamond weddings rings were no longer on her finger.



Jen and David then spent a few hours looking through the snow on the front lawn, and at one point, began to sift the snow with some strainers they had in the house.

After looking for the rings until dark with no luck, David found me through the RIngFinders online.

We agreed to meet early this morning, and I was able to make it to David and Jen’s for 9:30 this morning.

David showed me what had been happening on the front lawn the day before and then I got my gear set up and began the search.

After about ten minutes, I got a really good signal and when I dug down an inch or so in the snow, the main gold and diamond ring was located.





I knew the other ring would be fairly close by.

After searching for another few minutes, the other gold and diamond ring was located a little deeper in the snow about 10 feet away from the first ring by a tree on the front lawn.



I had a feeling that the ring had been tossed that far away when they were sifting the snow and then throwing it towards the tree.After both rings were recovered safe and sound, I took a few pictures of the rings and David and then was invited into the house to meet with Jen.



Jen was obviously very happy and grateful to have her beautiful rings back.

It was a pleasure to help you find your rings, and I’d like to say thank you for the nice reward on a fairly quick search.

Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Wedding Band Found in Toronto..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call on Christmas Eve from Michelle about her husband Jordan’s lost wedding band that was lost the day before.

Michelle told me they live on a ravine lot, and that Jordan had been standing down on the slope leading down into the ravine at the back of their property.


Jordan had been throwing pieces of wood from the ravine up onto their backyard.

After throwing a particular piece of wood, Jordan felt, and saw his wedding band fly off his finger and onto the slope.

After looking with no luck until it got too dark, they called it a day.

Jordan spent hours looking for his ring on Christmas Eve, again with no luck and that’s when I got the call.

I was able to make it to their home just after noon and followed them onto the slope of the ravine so they could re-create what had happened the day before.

When they had finished telling me the story, I was going to go and get my gear from the car when,  my “crow eyes” kicked in and I just caught a glint of something shiny under a leaf on the hill.

After brushing the leaf aside, I could see a beautiful, large, white gold men’s wedding band sitting up on edge.

I picked up Jordan’s ring and held it up and said “I got it”.



They both looked at me like I was crazy until they saw the ring. We all had a good laugh it was found so quickly and I was on my way.

Sometimes we just get lucky I suppose.

I’m happy I could help you guys out on Christmas Eve.!!

Thank you for the nice reward on a quick find like this.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Engagement Ring Found. Woodbridge, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call on Saturday December 15, 2012 from Becky about her lost engagement ring.

Becky told me that she had lost her ring earlier in the morning playing with her dog on her front lawn.
I was able to make it up to Woodbridge in the early afternoon to meet with Becky and her fiance Marco at their beautiful home.

Once at the house, Marco told me what had “really” happened to the ring.

It turns out that the young couple had a little bit of an argument that morning, and in a moment of haste, Marco threw Becky’s ring across the front lawn.

This is actually very common and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. We all tend to fly off the handle sometimes, and don’t always make the best decisions in the heat of the moment.

However, I’m glad that Marco and Becky let me know what really happened as it definitely helped to figure out where the ring could possibly be on the large front lawn.

I had Marco recreate the throw a few times to get a general area of the search site and then started to run my grid lines.

Marco saved us both a lot of time by helping run my grid lines and after about forty minutes of searching, Becky’s ring was located under a leaf on the front lawn in the general area where the test throws were landing.

Becky’s ring is absolutely gorgeous and it was a pleasure to help them find it.

Thank you both so much for the very nice reward..!! It’s greatly appreciated.

Have a great Christmas..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Lost Engagement Ring Found.. !! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call this afternoon from Megan about her lost engagement ring.




On Friday November 23, 2012, Megan was cleaning up her front lawn by raking all the leaves and bagging them.

After finishing the lawn, she went inside the house and washed her hands when she realized her engagement ring was missing.


Megan and her husband Brian tried to locate the ring for the last few days by scouring the front lawn and the bags of leaves with no luck. They decided to conduct a quick internet search which led them to me.After speaking with Megan today, Sunday November 25, 2012 I decided to head down to her home in Toronto right away to try and help her recover her ring.Once I arrived at the house, I met with Megan and she took me through what she had been doing on the previous Friday. After showing me the front lawn and the bagged leaves on the front porch, she went back into the house to leave me to my search.



After gearing up, I took a partial bag of leaves off the front porch and scanned it, nothing.

I placed the bag back on the porch and scanned bag number two. Right away I got a nice, solid hit. After dumping the bag onto the front lawn and pinpointing the area, Megan’s beautiful engagement ring poked through some of the leaves and into view. The entire search was maybe one minute at most.


I left the ring exactly where it was and went and rang her doorbell.

Megan answered the door and I said “Ok, I’m going home”.

She looked at me confused and asked why. I told her that her ring had been found already and the look that came over her face was priceless. I love this look.

Megan followed me out to the front lawn so I could show her where her ring was located in the pile of leaves. After seeing her ring in the leaves, I picked it up and handed to her where it went right back onto her finger.

Megan’s husband Brian then arrived at the house and was told the good news.
We talked for a few minutes and I packed up my gear to head home.

I’m really happy I was able to help you out today Megan and want to thank you sincerely for the generous reward on such a fast recovery.

These nice rewards help me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Thanks again, and it was a pleasure to meet you and your family.

Take care,

Mark Ellis



Lost Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I emailed a gentleman last week about an ad he had placed on Craigslist Toronto concerning his lost wedding band. I offered to help him take a look for it as the ring was apparently lost in Riverdale Park in Toronto.

Well, David got back to me on Sunday October 21,2012 and gave me the rest of the story.

David thought he had lost his wedding band at Riverdale Park on Thanksgiving weekend when he took the family dog, Malcolm there to play.  He also told me that earlier, he had been doing some gardening in the back yard like cutting down tomato plants, raking leaves and putting them into yard waste bags and two large composting bins in the back yard.

After telling me more about the park and saying that he threw the ball to Malcolm with his right hand and not the left hand where he wore the wedding band, I thought it made more sense the ring was in the yard and I wanted to eliminate this area first.

I met David really early this Monday morning so he could show me what he was doing in his yard, then we headed to the park so he could show me where he had played with the dog.  WOW..!!!  Huge area to cover..!! I told David it would take a month to grid search it properly.

David then had to leave for work and left me to my search back at the house.

I was really hoping it was here at the house as the park would have been a nightmare. Lol

I scanned the yard waste bags, nothing.

Scanned some recycle bins with yard waste, nothing.

Grid searched the entire back yard, nothing.
I then began to scan the large composting bins but they were so close to the metal siding on the garage it was driving my detector crazy and the bins were bolted down.I thought I was going to have to empty the bins onto a tarp and search that way, but first I figured I’d try my VibraProbe by sticking it into the compost and see if I’d get lucky first.  Nothing on the first bin except for a few rusty nails.
Then the second one….again, a few rusty nails and a screw came out of the compost, then, finally, a nice solid hit. I pulled the target out from near the bottom of the compost, brushed it off and WOW..!!!  There it was. David’s wedding band.

A beautiful, custom made, two tone,white and yellow gold band. Very unique ring..!!



I texted David with the good news and he seemed amazed that his ring had been found. I then texted him a few pics of his ring as he was now at work.

Really nice to meet you David, and I’m really happy to see you have your ring back..!! It obviously means very much to you, and it was a pleasure to help you find it.

Honestly, thank you so much for the generous reward..!!!

This really helps keep my service going and letting me continue to do what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Platinum Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call from Nick this morning about his platinum wedding band he had lost last night while playing indoor volleyball at North Beach Volleyball in Toronto.
We agreed to meet this afternoon Wednesday October 17, 2012 at noon when North Beach opens for the day.

Nick had already gained permission for us to search for the ring, but I was warned that because it is inside a warehouse, the concrete under the sandy volleyball courts was filled with rebar.


I met Nick at noon and he showed me where he had been playing the night before on one of the courts.

He wasn’t quite sure where on the court the ring was lost as he was spiking the ball and diving for it as well so I decided to start a grid search from one end of the court to the other.

After getting my gear together and turning on my detector, I could tell right away that was a lot of electrical interference from inside the warehouse and could also clearly hear the rebar beneath the sand.
I lowered the sensitivity on my machine and only listened for strong, repeatable targets.

After a few minutes we found a few coins and on my second lane of the grid, I got a nice heavy hit in my earphones. After pinpointing the area and using my pin pointer, I was happy to see Nick’s ring come out of the sand.

I’m happy we found this fast as there was so much interference in the warehouse. It would have made a long search very difficult.

Nice to meet you today Nick and I’m really happy I could help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Gold Wedding Band Found..!! Toronto, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call from Ovi yesterday, Tuesday October 9, 2012 where he told me that he had lost his gold wedding band while doing some work around his home the previous Monday.

We agreed to meet up this morning,Wednesday October 10, 2012 to have a look for his ring.

After arriving at Ovi’s this morning, I could see the grass on his front lawn had not been cut for a while. He told me that since losing his ring a week ago, he was afraid to cut the grass as the lawn mower was likely to clip the ring if it was indeed hiding in there somewhere.

He then took me through what he had been doing the week before, like cleaning the outsides of the windows and doing a bit of yard work at the front of the house.

I then got my gear together and eliminated the grassy area near the street and then moved onto the front lawn.

About three minutes into the search on the front lawn, I got a heavy, solid hit and knew right away that this was his ring. That nice, rounded tone in the headphones is unmistakeable.

After pinpointing the area and spreading the grass, I could see his gold wedding band laying flush with the soil and I removed it from its hiding place.

I turned to Ovi and handed him back his ring. The look on his face was great..!!
Surprise, and relief. I love this look. It never grows old.

Really happy I could help you out today Ovi.
Thank you very much for the nice reward on such a quick search.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost White Gold Ring Found..!! Bala, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call last week from Tammy about her white gold ring that she had lost in the water up at her cottage in Bala, Ontario.

As Tammy was tying off the family boat to the dock, her ring had slipped off her finger and she watched it fall beneath the waves.


Getting into the water right away in an attempt to recover the ring, they actually spotted it on the bottom and managed to spear the ring briefly with the tip of a fishing rod.As the fishing rod was being brought up out of the water, the ring slipped off and sank down to the bottom again. This time however they could not spot it again and assumed it had already buried itself  in the silt out of view.

Not being able to recover the ring, Tammy found me online at TheRingFinders and called to tell me the story.

She thought the ring was in approximately five feet of water, which is not so good for me as I can only search in water about four feet deep.

I thought I would call my friend Brad Newberry who has helped me out many times before. Brad is also much taller than me, he’s 6’2” so I figured he could probably get into the water deeper than me, and if the ring ended up being deeper than expected, Brad is also a scuba diver. Also, Brad lives fairly close to Moon River, so this was a perfect fit.

I called Brad and passed on Tammy’s info.

Brad made it up to Tammy’s cottage on Saturday September 29, 2012 and got into the water beside the dock and started to search for the ring in scuba gear. He eventually got a nice signal after forty-five minutes and pinpointed the ring in a large crack between two rocks. After zeroing in on the target with his Vibra-Probe, he was able to extract the ring from it’s cozy hiding place and bring it back onto terra firma.

Tammy was obviously relieved and happy to have her ring back.

Really happy Brad was able to help you out Tammy and thank you for the nice reward you gave him.

As always Brad…..Great Job !!! Thanks again..!!

Take care everyone,

Mark Ellis




Lost Diamond Ring Found..!! Thornhill, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Sunday evening, September 30, 2012 I had a call from Jon about his wife Karen’s lost white gold and diamond wedding ring.


The ring was lost in an off leash dog park in Thornhill, Ontario on Sunday evening and we agreed to meet this morning, October 1, 2012. 

After arriving at the dog park, I met with Jon and Karen and had them take me through the whole story again and started to get all my gear together.

As I was getting my video camera set up, Karen politely asked me not to include them in the video. I understand this and respected their wishes however, when the search was over Karen said it would be ok to use the video of them I did manage to capture.

I really feel that when people lose their jewelry and then visit the Ring Finders website, they take comfort in the fact that they can see us recover real jewelry for real people and then call us themselves. Now, whenever someone sees Karen’s story, it may give them hope knowing that their ring could also be found.

Anyway, as I thought this video would never see the light of day, I didn’t really take much and had to assemble the few clips I did get into the short video below.

The video tells the rest of the story.

It was a pleasure to meet you both today, and I’m really happy I was able to help out.

Hope your arm starts to feel better soon Karen..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Platinum Wedding Band Found..!! Pickering Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

While I was on a search this morning for a set of lost keys in downtown Toronto, I took a call from Lloyd about his lost platinum wedding band.


Lloyd said that he had finished his Kite Surfing for the afternoon on Monday in Pickering, Ontario and began to brush off all his gear on Westshore Beach before returning to his car.

When he got back to the car he noticed his ring was missing and went back to the sand to look for it for a while with no luck.

After hearing the story I agreed to meet him this afternoon as soon as my other search was done.

I met with Lloyd early this afternoon on Tuesday, September 25, 2012  at Westshore Beach and had him take me through exactly what had happened the day before.

As I was getting my gear set up, Lloyd offered to help me with my grid lines which really sped things up.


I searched one lane in the grid and then started in lane two. Halfway up lane two, I got a strong, heavy signal and was hoping this was his wedding band. After pulling out the pin pointer and locating the target in the soft sand, out pops Lloyd’s ring. Awesome.!!

We had it already, in probably five minutes or less.

I tried to fake Lloyd out a bit before showing him his ring, having a little fun.

I’m still trying to figure out how to have my GoPro camera set up and get the proper angles down, but in another search or two I should have it down a little better.

Thank you Lloyd for the generous reward on such a quick locate.

Happy I could help you out today.

Take care,

Mark Ellis