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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Avila Beach, California.

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

Jenifers lost ring 4-22-15

The Ring Finders and a Royal Success


I recently got a call from a distressed young lady who lost a 1-carat diamond ring set in Platinum on Avila beach about three miles from Pismo Beach on 4/26/15. The lady, Jennifer had been crying since the loss, Jennifer had taken the ring off to put on some suntan lotion and forgot to put the ring back on after setting it on the blanket. The afternoon winds came up so she hurriedly shook the blanket and headed to the parking lot, upon arriving at her car she realized the ring was not on her finger. She raced back to the area, but to no avail, the ring was not found. Jennifer then went home to tell her husband the sad news, her husband was livid and then stopped speaking to her(He had paid $7500 for the ring).

Through a round about way a former “The Ring Finders” member, now disabled and unable to metal detect suggested Jennifer contact me. The next day I met the Jennifer on Avila Beach at an agreed to time and walked to the area where she said she had been resting in the sand. I knew the direction prevailing winds on Avila beach blow and which side one would stand shake a blaket, so with a little logic within 45 seconds and ten steps, I got a nice hit and pulled up the ring in my basket, Jennifer was elated and started crying. I think I might have got a few grains of sand in my eyes at the same time. With a tears of joy running down her face and a big hug she forced a $100 bill into my shirt pocket in thanks (for saving her happy home).

If it had not been for “The Ring Finders” Jennifer might have never gotten her precious ring back. I joined “The Ring Finders” the very next day.

The Ring Finder in Pismo Beach

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

Hi, my name is Larry Royal, I live and grew up(64 years) on the Central Coast of Calif. with Pismo Beach, Oceano Beach, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Cayucos and San Simeon as my main metal detecting beaches. I have been a treasure hunter all my life and metal detecting for over 15 years and know the area quite well. Since retiring from the work force 7 years ago what was once a hobby has now turned into a fun, full time quest to find lost treasures on the beach and return them to their owners.

I joined “The Ring Finders” as I saw it as a great opportunity to let more people know of my rewarded base service of helping people find their lost treasures. I have found many rings and lost items on the local beaches and only wish I could find every owner. I hunt in the ocean and on the dry sand and have good tips on how to help someone find their lost rings, necklaces, cellphones and other lost treasures.  Just 2 days ago I recovered a 1 ct diamond ring for a lady who was crying for 2 days over losing it and the smile and joy on her face when I handed back to her was priceless.

I’m very well know by the Pismo Beach LEO and the “Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area”, (aka; Pismo Beach) parks & beach personnel, if you contact them about a lost ring they will probably direct you to me.  I also have the resources of many of the local metal detecting people as I’m currently the Huntmaster, Librarian, Historian and “member at large” for the “Central Coast Treasure Hunters Association” cctha.org  I use the latest metal detecting technology and equipment in and out of the water.

If I can be of any help to you please contact me.