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Lost Wedding Band Recovered by Matt St.Germain Aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder LBI NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

And so it begins! My first recovery of 2020!

Yesterday i was tagged in a post by a fan..
(Thank You Jennifer L. !!)
It seems Vinnie lost his wedding band while doing some surf fishing but was not aware until getting back to the house. I made arrangements to meet him today. Luckily all of the marks from his beach cart were still there so i began my search around the area. After about an hour i had found it! Vinnie was surprised i was able to find it and very happy to see it again! Another satisfied customer!


Lost Wedding Ring Recovered by Matt St.Germain AKA Jersey Shore Lost RingFinder

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On August 10th, 2019 I received an email from Jack. While him and his wife were visiting her cousins for the weekend and enjoying a day on their boat, Jack’s 3 month old, Custom made gold wedding band slipped off his finger into the bay while having some fun. This ring had more meaning than just their wedding, It was also made in memory of both their fathers. After speaking with them both multiple times through email, text and on the phone using Google earth we mapped out an approximate search area, they even met up with us the the 3rd attempt to help get us into the right area as close as possible.. I enlisted the help of my good friend and fellow ring Finder Dennis Burlingame for the search that took a total of 4 attempts at about 4hrs per search in water depths up to chest deep. Using my one detector that has gps I would save the areas we searched previously and use coordinates to take us back to where we left off. It was on the 4th day that I was lucky enough to have their ring in my scoop! I immediately sent a photo to them. I was told it was the best thing ever for them to wake up to that morning! They were so very happy! I met with their cousin to give it to them for safe keeping until they return to the area. What a great day!! 


Lost Wedding Band Found By Matt St.Germain Aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder Mantaloking NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Last night around 10:30pm I received an email from Dan. While he was at the beach yesterday he went for a swim during high tide. On his way back in he was hit by a wave and his platinum wedding band slipped off into the surf. Luckily he recorded GPS coordinates where he was at the time. I went there this morning during low tide and using his coordinates on my phone I was able to get to the right area. Once I got into position I began to grid search the slope and within 20mins I had it in my scoop! It had already sank about 8-10 inches! I sent Dan a photo of the ring and he called me immediately. He was overjoyed! I am going to meet him during the week to return it to him. Another happy ending!


Lost Wedding Ring Found By Matt St.Germain Aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder Seaside Park NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Earlier today I received a call From Mike & Michele. While introducing their adorable little baby girl to her very first beach experience Michele’s wedding band got lost in the sand. They were getting ready to start packing it in and when her husband Mike was giving her back her rings their shade tent and umbrella got swept away by a gust of wind. Mike was able to catch the tent and during that moment he had Michele’s wedding band on his pinky but it was no longer there. A friend of Michele’s referred her to me. I made plans to meet them at the spot they were at yesterday once i got home from work. Once I met them and they showed me the general area where to search I got right to work. After about an hour it had not turned up yet. So Mike asked a few people sitting nearby if they wouldn’t mind moving over a bit to where I already searched. They kindly obliged. Within my second pass I got a good signal and low and behold I found it! They were as happy as can be! A wonderful memory with their daughters first beach experience and Michelle having her ring back where it belongs! I love this hobby!!


Lost Engagement Ring Found By Matt St.Germain Aka Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder LBI NJ

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

3 days ago I was made aware of a lost engagement ring ad by fellow Ringfinder John Favno within 20mins of it being listed. I reached out to Jeffrey and Briana to see.if I can help. Jeffrey got back to me quickly and explained it was lost in the dry sand on the 20th while visiting friends. A neighbor had tried to find it with his metal detector but unfortunately was unsuccessful. Once they gave me as much information as possible about where they were, I went out there two days later late at night to give it a try. After about 2.5hrs of searching I found it! They were so happy to hear it! As requested I left it with the local PD for them when they came back to the area. Another great day!