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Lost Wedding Ring in Sea Bright NJ Found by Matt St.Germain/Dennis Burlingame

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

The client posted such a great story i decided to just share it here.


Huge recommendation to Matt and Dennis @ TheRingFinders.com

(Photos in reverse order)
After losing my wedding ring in the ocean at Noon yesterday, while trying to teach Olivia to surf 🏄, I was truly devastated!

After a recommendation, I reached out to Jersey Shore Lost Ring Finder
(Matt & Dennis) on Facebook at about 6PM. Matt eagerly responded to the message and asked for picture and location.

With what I thought was still nearly Zero chance of being recovered, I figured it was worth a shot anyway for $35 (if not found).

As I was about to go to bed, I got a message at 10pm with a picture of my ring in their hand! I drove down and met them on the dark beach to get my ring and happily give a reward.

They were knee deep in the water (amongst the small sharks and stingrays) scanning with metal detectors when they found my ring in the water over 40 feet from the shore!!

Absolutely incredible! I never knew this type of service even existed, but now I want EVERYONE to know! If you ever lose something metal!! Look up these guys!! This world-wide🌎 network of treasure hunters is really something special.


Happy to have it back!! ✊🏽 @ Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Lost Heirloom Engagement ring in Lbi NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

6/24/19 I was made aware of a lost engagement ring ad by fellow ringfinder John Favno within 20mins of it being listed. I reached out to Jeffrey and Briana to see if I can help. Jeffrey got back to me quickly and explained it was lost in the dry sand on the 20th while visiting friends. A neighbor had tried to find it with his metal detector but unfortunately was unsuccessful. Once they gave me as much information as possible about where they were, I went out there two days later late at night to give it a try. After about 2.5hrs of searching I found it! They were so happy to hear it! As requested I left it with the local PD for them when they came back to the area. Another great day!

Lost diamond ring in South Seaside Park NJ Found By Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On 7/14/20 I was contacted by Melissa. She was at a little bayside beach where small boats are moored and was in the water throwing a football when she felt her ring come off her finger. This ring is very special to her. It was given to her by her mother before she passed. I went out there the same day. She was pretty sure where she was when it came off. Unfortunately I was not able to locate it and i had to stop for the day as it was getting late and i was losing light. I told her i would be back the next day to continue searching. I was determined to find it and get it back to her even if it took longer. At one point she had me moving around a bit. I realized she may not be so sure on exactly where she was. So i started all over again and searched the same area as i did the day before and then i expanded the search area. It was a difficult area due to high amounts of trash and small targets that kept falling through my scoop. After about 3hrs the second day i heard the kind of solid tone/number combo i was looking for. And wouldn’t you know it, I found it! It was outside the area she initially had me looking. You just never know!. Needless to say she was shocked and extremely happy that i was able to find it. Another wonderful day!

Lost wedding ring in Sandy Hook NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

7/12/20 I received a call from Emily.
While at Sandy Hook beach with her husband and family she had removed her wedding rings and put them into her wallet. At some point she grabbed her wallet out of her bag to go up to the food truck. At some point during her walk her wedding band had fallen out of her wallet. It wasn’t until they were on their way home and she went to put them back on that she realized one was missing. They drove back to the beach and started searching the sand where they were sitting for at least an hour but were unable to locate it. I made arrangements to meet them out there once she was able to get permission from the federal park police (Metal detecting Sandy Hook is strictly prohibited) She was able to get permission so off i went. They showed me where they were sitting so i began my search there. Nothing… I then began a 10ft wide search towards the beach walkway little by little which is about a 100ft away from where they sat. Once i got within about 10ft of the beach walkway doing a another 10ft block of sand i finally got the kind of signal/number i was looking for about 5 ft from the walkway. As i shook the sand from my scoop i could hear the familiar clunking sound of a ring, Her ring! I yelled and held it up in the air and they came running over. They were all so happy and relieved! Another happy ending! 

9/5/19 Lost Wedding band in Lbi NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

One day ago I received a message late at night from Megan. While She and her husband Mike and their children were visiting Lbi and spending a day at the beach, Her husbands wedding ring slipped off his finger into the surf while he was swimming during high tide. Based on photos of where they were set up on the beach I went out there during low tide and I started gidding an area on the slope thinking it may have wound up there. After a few hours my hunch was right, I heard a nice tone loud and clear then bam! Sure enough it’s his ring! She was very happy when she saw the photo I sent. I will be meeting her husband on Saturday to return it. Another great ending!

Lost wedding ring in South Seaside Park NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

My third successful recovery in less than 12hrs. A new personal best! While i was at the beach doing my second recovery, Chris called me and left me a message. While him and his wife were at the beach, Around 8:30pm he decided to go for a dip. As soon as he entered the water he felt his wedding ring slip off into the surf. He found me on the Ring Finders website. I called him back and made arrangements to meet him on the beach at 3am. He was in the water about 3-1/2hrs after peak low tide which is helpful. I met him and he showed me the area where they sat. I started my search towards the bottom of the slope as i felt it would be in that area and within 5mins Chris had his ring back! He was shocked and extremely happy and relieved. You see, His wife is pregnant and a week late with their first child!. At least now he had one less thing to worry about! Congratulations and best of luck to you both! Another wonderful ending!

Lost Pendant in Long Branch NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Earlier today i was contacted by fellow Ring Finder Dave Milsted. He referred me to a woman named Patty. While at the beach in front of their condominium building with her husband and grandchildren. Her husband shook out their beach bag and unfortunately in the process her Star of David pendant fell out of the bag somewhere. They tried to find it but were unsuccessful. I made arrangements with her to do a search in the evening. Her poor husband was very upset that he had lost it. I was determined to find it. She met me at the beach and showed me where they were sitting approximately. I searched the area with no luck. I then began to widen the search area and Patty then approached me and told me she didn’t think they were that far. But i told her it can get moved by the beach rakes and also the lifeguard stands are never in the exact spot each day. So i kept expanding the area and after about 30-45 mins, About 20ft away from where she estimated they were sitting, I found it! She was overjoyed! I am so happy i was able to find this very important sentimental pendant for her! I never get tired of these happy endings! 

Lost wedding ring in Lbi NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

A few hours ago i was contacted by Kara. While at the beach with her husband and children her husband Pat lost his wedding band in the sand. After about an hour of combing through the sand they were unable to find it. I drove out to their location within an hour and in about a minute i had the ring in my scoop! Another great ending!


Lost wedding band in Lbi, NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

6/24/20 The night before i was contacted by Stephanie on behalf of her cousin Tyler. While at the beach in LBI yesterday he had lost his Heirloom wedding band from his Grandfather. He put it in his beach bag before swimming, Forgot it was in there and shook the sand off/out the bag along with the ring. He did not realise it until later that night after they already left the beach. I went out there this afternoon and spoke with Steph on the phone since they were no longer in town. She also sent me some photos to help me determine where they were sitting. After about 2 hours of gridding the area i had it in my scoop! I will be meeting them Friday to return it and get a photo! Another great day!

Lost Wedding Ring in Lbi NJ Found by Matt St.Germain/Dennis Burligame

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

6/22/20 I was contacted by Gregg. While in Lbi at the beach he decided to go into the water for a dip and while he was out there his ring slipped off his finger. After going over the location and getting an idea on where to start, I went out there the next day to give it a try. He said he believed he was only about 2-4 feet into the water. So for a few hours i went back and forth before the drop off and 4 feet past the drop off. No luck. I felt like maybe he was further out than he may have thought and Gregg agreed. So i went back out again the next day and brought my fellow ring finder and good friend Dennis. I showed Dennis where i had searched already and that it may be in deeper water. We started on opposite ends. I began closer to shore and Dennis went out about 10ft. Within about 5-10 minutes Dennis had found it! Another happy ending thanks to teamwork!