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Lost Ring Found on Whangarei Beach

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Jan 14th, 2018
I came across a plea on social media about a gold ring lost in the surf at Ruakaka. The beach is open to the ocean, has a reasonable longshore current and while conditions had been calm, sand is always moving… and rings are always sinking.
While it was outside my normal maximum travel range, the backstory to the ring put a successful recovery and return at the top of my priorities. Even if I took a financial loss, I was going to do my utmost to find and return this ring!
The ring had been lost for just over two days by the time I got there. Family efforts with a borrowed metal detector the previous day had drawn a blank.

The gentleman concerned turned up, and after a brief discussion, he duly marked out the boundaries in the sand, I waded in and got to work. It was hard graft with a big coil, although after digging a fishing weight from over a foot down, I knew if the ring could be found, it would be found.
Two hours later, I got a nice solid tone. It was so beautifully clear and smooth, it could only be gold. I listened to it again and again, knowing what it was. I had to pause as a largish wave passed, then went after it.

In the scoop was a whole heap of smiles 🙂

Some rings are worth far, far more than their weight in gold.


Northland Ring Lost, Found and Returned after Five Years in the Sand!

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Jan 2nd, 2018

Hot on the heels of my first ring recovery for this summer, I finally managed to track down the owner of a ring I found mid-2017.

It had been returned from Police Found Property, although the fact it had an unusual name engraved inside made me want to try and find the owner myself.

Seven months of lurking around the internet and multiple dead ends later (including one opportunist who had a good go at claiming it!) I finally found them.

They live in Chile and lost it while on holiday, so not surprising the New Zealand Police had no luck.

No photo, but I’ll let the Facebook dialog tell the rest.

This reunion made me realise how many tourists leave their rings behind in NZ, purely because they don’t know who to ask for help.


And so I joined The RingFinders.


Lost Wedding Ring on Beach in Sea Bright,New Jersey Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from John asking for my help recovering his wedding band he had lost the day before while on the beach. I had recovered a friend of his wedding band a few years back that was lost in the ocean in Long beach Island,NJ so he figured he’d give me a try? I arrived at the location where we had made arrangements at the private beach club to search the area where the ring was lost. I marked off the area and began my grid search waiting for John to arrive. After a few minutes of digging coins & trash John arrived and confirmed that I was in the right area but could probably shrink it down some more then what I had marked out. I told him I like to think outside the box and decided to just keep the search area the size I had chose since he told me that he moved his beach chair a few times throughout the day. About 20 minutes later there was his ring in my scoop! I called out to John and held his ring up! He was just amazed that i had found it and that was found just outside the area where he thought it was lost in so was glad I chose to go bigger. He was very excited and grateful for my service and looked forward to telling his wife the great news! Another great day of the beach! Recovery #102  

Lost iPhone on beach in Avalon,NJ found & returned!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

While metal detecting on the beach on the after the 4th of July fireworks I found an iPhone laying in the sand. After returning to my car a few hours later I noticed there were a few missed calls from the same number on the phones display. Unable to use or answer the calls on that phone since it was locked with a passcode I texted the numbers with my phone explaining I had found this phone on the beach and to please call me so I could return it to the owner. About an hour later I received a call from the owners son who explained that it was his moms phone and she had lost it on the beach earlier that night and she was so upset that she lost it and it was just days old. She was extremely happy for its return and my willingness to try and find the owner. 11745419_10204710620515988_2637579865030365886_n

Lost Gold Necklace Recovered in Ocean City, NJ

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received an email from Paul who explained to me that he had lost a gold chain and pendant at the beach while swimming with his daughters. He further explained that it was a gift to him from his father 20 years ago and it meant alot to him. He stated that his father was a jeweler and that his brother is also and that they were aware of the scrap gold value of the item since it weighed between 2-3 ounces of 18k gold and that he wanted to hire me to find it and offered me the scrap gold value and possibly get the chain back instead of someone else just finding it and selling it for scrap because it meant more to him. I accepted his offer and got the information as to the area,time and tide to the time of the loss the previous day. realizing that only one tide had passed since the loss I arrived on the beach in front of the lifeguard stand at the next lowtide and began my seach asap. This being an area by the boardwalk that is heavily hunted by other detectorists I could only pray it was still there. Using my Whites Beach hunter id 300 I began finding coins and other junk items in the wet sand when I got the midtone signal I was looking for and took a scoop of sand  and dumped it to reveal a large heavy(62.7 grams of 18k)  gold chain laying in the sand Wow! Inspecting the pendant I realized that it was infact the chain and mountain pendant lost by Paul the day before while swimming. I called Paul with the great news and we met later in the week for the return. He was extremely happy to see the necklace when I gave it back to him.