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Lost wedding ring set in Toms River NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

A few days ago I was contacted by Tom, While he and his wife Sharon were out in the backyard doing some yard work Sharon’s Soldered ring set slipped off her finger into the grass. They searched for it for a few days with a metal detector they bought at a local store. Despite hearing different signals and fanning the grass on hands and knees they were not able to locate it. A friend of theirs did a google search and found my RingFinders profile so they decided to give me a call for some help. I went there a few days later and once they showed me the general area where they thought it might be I got to work. Within about 10 mins I found it deeply embedded in thick grass. They were so happy and relieved I had found it! This ring has a lot of history as they have been married for 30 years! They met and began dating at the age of 19! Amazing! Over the years the ring that began as an engagement ring was added onto with a wedding band, Baguettes, And an anniversary ring. A jeweler friend of theirs also re-did all of the etching on both of their rings for them! What a great story! I’m so happy I was able to help them reclaim it!

Lost Engagement ring in Seaside Park NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Yesterday evening I was contacted by Skylar on behalf of their friends Rina & Tim. While they were at the beach earlier in the day Rina had taken her Jeans and folded them up and placed them on the beach. Before doing so she put her engagement ring in the pocket for safe keeping. After getting back to the house she realized her ring was missing when she had reached into the pocket to put it back on. I made arrangements with Tim to meet them at the beach entrance. Once i arrived, Tim and Rina along with Mom and Dad showed me the approximate area they sat on the beach. In about 10 mins I was able to locate it! Everyone was so surprised but even more so they very Happy and relieved! Another happy Ending!

Lost Engagement/Wedding rings in LBI NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
About 9:30pm I received a text from Joe.
.While in town visiting Joes parents Joanne and Leon along with other family members, They were having a beach day. Jackie had removed her rings and put them into her phone case for safe keeping. However, Their young nephew took her phone out at some point and the rings had fallen into the sand and vanished! Everyone searched feverishly for them but they were nowhere to be found. They even used a few older metal detectors to no avail. After posting about the loss on a few local pages Joe reached out to me in hopes I may be able to help. I got on the phone with Joe and Jackie via conference call and they gave me as many details as possible and a few photos. Although I had plans to go somewhere I promised them I would go there sometime that night no matter how late it was. I left where I was around 2am and made the hour drive to the beach they were at. Once I arrived there and saw all the marks in the sand from them fanning the sand by hand. (They resembled miniature snow angels.) I knew for sure I was in the right spot. I turned on the machine and began my search. First out of of the sand was Jackie’s wedding band and right next to it was her engagement ring! I sent Joe a photo to let him know the rings had been found. Later on that morning I received the kind of reply I always love to see. One of surprise, Relief and much Joy! The next day after going out on another search I met with Joe’s parents Joanne and Leon on the way home to give them the rings which in turn they met up with Joe later that day to so he could bring them home to Jackie. He told me she was filled with excitement and tears of joy when she learned her rings were coming home to her. I love being able to help people get such meaningful and sentimental items back to them! Another wonderful ending!

Lost wedding ring at Working Dog Winery found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Yesterday I received a call from David. While he and his wife and their dog were at the Working dog winery he had taken off his rings and put them in his pocket. At some point while sitting in a chair out in the field the rings fell out of his pocket. He found one of them but could not locate his wedding ring. He made arrangements with the winery to allow us to meet so i could search for it. Initially he left his chair where he was sitting but by the time we arrived they had removed it. Luckily he was able to get me in the right area and after about 30 minutes of searching I was able to locate it! David was shocked that i was able to find it. He was relieved and happy even more so! After he had left he told me he surprised his wife and she was very excited and happy to know it was found. She also said she is considering glueing it to his finger! 😂 Sounds like something my wife would say to me also! Another happy ending!

Lost wedding band in Surf City NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Earlier this afternoon i was contacted by Michael. He was at the beach and went into the water during high tide and was hit by a few waves and wound up losing his wedding band. I got the information i needed and headed out there right away to make the next low tide in hopes of being able to locate it. Once i got there Michael met me and showed me the area he was. I started my search and within about 15 minutes i had it! He was surprised and very happy! Another great ending!

Lost wedding ring in Surf City NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)


Earlier today I was tagged in a Facebook post about a lost wedding band. I promptly responded and was then messaged by Maggie. Her husband Danny was out on a kayak with one of their children and when they came back Danny and another family member went to flip the kayak over to carry it off the beach when Danny noticed something fall. At first he thought it was a shell but when they got back to the house he realized it must have been his wedding ring because it was no longer on his finger! I made arrangements to meet them this afternoon to conduct a search. They gave me an idea of where they entered the water and where they came out. There was a lot of people in the area but as they learned what had happened they very politely moved over as I searched. After about an hour and no luck I told them instead of continuing to ask people to move I would come back later after I finish this one last area that was open. During the 4th pass I got the sound I was waiting for. Sure enough I had it! I held it up in the air and yelled! They were so happy and surprised and everyone around us was amazed I had found it! Everyone was yelling and clapping with joy! Now they can continue enjoying the rest of the weekend with their children and family! I love this hobby!

Photo courtesy of Maggi Holloway….in 2020 SandPaper: Lost Ring found

Photo courtesy of Maggi Holloway….in 2020 SandPaper: Lost Ring found

Lost Engagement Ring in Long Branch NJ Found By Matt St.Germain/Dennis Burlingame

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

8/9/20 I was made aware of a lost engagement ring set by fellow ringfinder Edward Cropski. I promptly reached out to Nykia to gather more information on how it had been lost and where. She was at the beach with her husband Ryan and various family members. While she was in the water with her sister they both got hit by a big wave and were pushed into each other and knocked down. After getting out of the water she realized her ring was gone. The family searched frantically for hours digging around in the sand with their hands but it was nowhere to be found. I made arrangements with her to go out there the following day for the late afternoon low tide with my friend and also a ringfinder Dennis Burlingame. Her and her husband were planning to meet us there on their way back up north from AC. Me and Dennis got there a few hours before low tide and began our search. The waves were pretty bad but we had to try. I got right into the water to search the drop off while Dennis searched the bottom of the slope. I was getting knocked around pretty good and decided to get out and wait for the tide to go down some more. Dennis had gone back to my truck to use his phone for something important. While he was gone i decided to search the slope more and a bit higher up. Within about 10 minutes of searching there i got a very nice signal. After a few scoops i had Nykia’s ring in my scoop! As i was walking back up to the dry sand a woman had asked me if i found anything. I then told her yes i did, I found the ring i came here to look for that a woman had lost yesterday. She asked me if she could see it and so i showed it to her. She was amazed. At that very moment Nykia and Ryan walked up to me and realized “Oh my god you found it?!” They were blown away with Joy and surprise! I happily accepted the great big hug Nykia gave me!
They told me it was pretty much where she had fallen and the waves were much worse the day it happened. Another happy ending! I also had her Father Steve write me a very nice message that he said i can share with everyone so here it is:


So my daughter Nykia will celebrate her third year of marriage on September 3rd and celebrated her birthday this weekend. We all went to the beach on Sunday to close out the weekend of celebration. While in the water her engagement ring somehow came off (she somehow realized it was gone as she struggled to keep her wedding band from following it off into the sea). Needless to say we were all distraught for her. A beautiful weekend turned suddenly sour. We searched as best we could for it… to no avail. After a futile search and FERVENT PRAYER we all left the beach not in the frame of mind we had arrived with. The next morning Nykia went on line requesting info on how to find things lost on the beach or in the ocean at the Jersey shore. A person responded to her inquiry and put her in touch with another person who uses a metal detector to search beaches. This person asked pertinent questions about the location, time and description of the ring. He promised to search at low tide today. Nykia and her husband met him at the beach today only moments after his search ended at about 6pm. Much to her surprise he had found her ring and returned it without demanding a reward or finders fee. (WHAT) Of course they were overwhelmed and ecstatic. (HOW!) She said, “Dad I could not help but hug him.” He graciously accepted her hug. He remarked that no one does that especially during these Corvid 19 times. (ONLY GOD!) Of course they gave him something for his assistance.




To Nykia’s angel, “Through the Grace of God you have blessed my daughter, my baby girl. I will forever be indebted to you for your thoughtfulness, your humility and your loving kindness. THANK YOU and BLESS YOU.


Lost Earring in Normandy beach NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On 8/5/20 I was contacted by Roshni. While she was in Normandy Beach visiting friends Donna and Brendon She was holding their 1 year old and accidently had a part of one of her earrings removed. Needless to say it disappeared in the sand around where they were sitting. Initially i was going to go out there before Isaias but the storm started much earlier than expected. So i went out there the next night and Met her friends since she was no longer in town. Her friend Brendon told me how many paces to walk and also around where he thought was the right area. After about 20mins if found it! Her friend Donna face timed her so we could give her the great news. She was very happy and thankful! Her friends were just as happy since they felt a bit guilty that it was their toddler that accidently caused it to be lost in the first place. All is well again!


Lost Miraculous medal in LBI NJ Found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On 8/1/20 in the afternoon i was contacted by Brett on behalf of his son Trent. They had just arrived in LBI from Illinois and within the first few hours of being here Trent went out to the beach around high tide and his chain came apart when he walked into the water about knee/waist deep. He caught the chain but his Miraculous medal was gone. After speaking with him about the general area i made arrangements to meet them at the location for the night time low tide. Once there they showed me about where Trent was when he lost it. Then i determined where it would be best to start searching by getting an idea of how high the water was when he lost it. I was halfway into my second pass when i found it buried about 8″ in the slope! Brett and Trent couldn’t believe i found it but they were very happy i did! Another happy client!

Lost Charms in Point Pleasant NJ Found By Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On July 25th I was contacted by Nancy. She had gone to the beach in Point Pleasant on the north end 3 days earlier to take photos of the birds at the sanctuary area when a storm starting coming in. As it began to rain she quickly started walking back to the car and as she was lifting her camera strap over her head she felt something break. She assumed it was the strap but then found out once in the car it was her necklace that broke. The chain wound up inside her shirt but her 4 charms were no where to be found. The next day a friend went back to the beach with her along with others to search for them with no luck. I drew up a search area based on her description and went from there. The first time I went I also had no luck. The heat was getting to me so I decided to call it a day and regroup. I spoke to Nancy again and worked on narrowing down the search area. She told me what I came up with is exactly right. My friend and fellow ringfinders was a bit concerned they may have already been found since this beach is hunted constantly by many detectorists. So I went there again that night and slowly gridded the entire area. As I came across the last palm tree I finally got a signal I was hoping for. Out came the first charm! Little by little about a foot apart I had found all four of them!! Nancy and her husband Joe were completely shocked that I had found them! And even more so they were happy and relieved! I love being able to surprise someone like this when they pretty much already wrote off their lost item. Another great day!