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Lost White Gold Ring Found..!! Bala, Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I took a call last week from Tammy about her white gold ring that she had lost in the water up at her cottage in Bala, Ontario.

As Tammy was tying off the family boat to the dock, her ring had slipped off her finger and she watched it fall beneath the waves.


Getting into the water right away in an attempt to recover the ring, they actually spotted it on the bottom and managed to spear the ring briefly with the tip of a fishing rod.As the fishing rod was being brought up out of the water, the ring slipped off and sank down to the bottom again. This time however they could not spot it again and assumed it had already buried itself  in the silt out of view.

Not being able to recover the ring, Tammy found me online at TheRingFinders and called to tell me the story.

She thought the ring was in approximately five feet of water, which is not so good for me as I can only search in water about four feet deep.

I thought I would call my friend Brad Newberry who has helped me out many times before. Brad is also much taller than me, he’s 6’2” so I figured he could probably get into the water deeper than me, and if the ring ended up being deeper than expected, Brad is also a scuba diver. Also, Brad lives fairly close to Moon River, so this was a perfect fit.

I called Brad and passed on Tammy’s info.

Brad made it up to Tammy’s cottage on Saturday September 29, 2012 and got into the water beside the dock and started to search for the ring in scuba gear. He eventually got a nice signal after forty-five minutes and pinpointed the ring in a large crack between two rocks. After zeroing in on the target with his Vibra-Probe, he was able to extract the ring from it’s cozy hiding place and bring it back onto terra firma.

Tammy was obviously relieved and happy to have her ring back.

Really happy Brad was able to help you out Tammy and thank you for the nice reward you gave him.

As always Brad…..Great Job !!! Thanks again..!!

Take care everyone,

Mark Ellis




Lost Diamond Ring Found..!! Thornhill, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

On Sunday evening, September 30, 2012 I had a call from Jon about his wife Karen’s lost white gold and diamond wedding ring.


The ring was lost in an off leash dog park in Thornhill, Ontario on Sunday evening and we agreed to meet this morning, October 1, 2012. 

After arriving at the dog park, I met with Jon and Karen and had them take me through the whole story again and started to get all my gear together.

As I was getting my video camera set up, Karen politely asked me not to include them in the video. I understand this and respected their wishes however, when the search was over Karen said it would be ok to use the video of them I did manage to capture.

I really feel that when people lose their jewelry and then visit the Ring Finders website, they take comfort in the fact that they can see us recover real jewelry for real people and then call us themselves. Now, whenever someone sees Karen’s story, it may give them hope knowing that their ring could also be found.

Anyway, as I thought this video would never see the light of day, I didn’t really take much and had to assemble the few clips I did get into the short video below.

The video tells the rest of the story.

It was a pleasure to meet you both today, and I’m really happy I was able to help out.

Hope your arm starts to feel better soon Karen..!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Platinum Wedding Band Found..!! Pickering Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

While I was on a search this morning for a set of lost keys in downtown Toronto, I took a call from Lloyd about his lost platinum wedding band.


Lloyd said that he had finished his Kite Surfing for the afternoon on Monday in Pickering, Ontario and began to brush off all his gear on Westshore Beach before returning to his car.

When he got back to the car he noticed his ring was missing and went back to the sand to look for it for a while with no luck.

After hearing the story I agreed to meet him this afternoon as soon as my other search was done.

I met with Lloyd early this afternoon on Tuesday, September 25, 2012  at Westshore Beach and had him take me through exactly what had happened the day before.

As I was getting my gear set up, Lloyd offered to help me with my grid lines which really sped things up.


I searched one lane in the grid and then started in lane two. Halfway up lane two, I got a strong, heavy signal and was hoping this was his wedding band. After pulling out the pin pointer and locating the target in the soft sand, out pops Lloyd’s ring. Awesome.!!

We had it already, in probably five minutes or less.

I tried to fake Lloyd out a bit before showing him his ring, having a little fun.

I’m still trying to figure out how to have my GoPro camera set up and get the proper angles down, but in another search or two I should have it down a little better.

Thank you Lloyd for the generous reward on such a quick locate.

Happy I could help you out today.

Take care,

Mark Ellis


Keys Found.. !! (Kind of)..Toronto,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I had a call from Robin about a set of lost keys.

Two nights ago, Robin was a little upset with her boyfriend, and threw his keys off of her 15th story balcony at her apartment.

After tossing the keys, Robin and her boyfriend looked for quite some time in the bushes surrounding the back of the apartment building with no luck. That’s when I got the call.

Robin had told me over the phone that there were several keys on a lanyard along with car remotes and other accessories and the set of keys were very heavy. I then made up a huge set of old keys on a lanyard to take this morning as a “test set”.

Once I arrived at the building this morning and met Robin, I had her give me the story again and then had her travel back up to her condo on the 15th floor and launch the keys in the exact same way she had a few nights ago.

After tossing the “test” keys, they almost hit a fence beyond the bushes, much further than she had assumed they would have traveled that night. Right away I was convinced that if her boyfriend’s keys were heavier than my test set, they easily could have made it over the fence onto someones patio in the next condo complex over.

We then searched around that area with no luck. I knew someone would have easily spotted these and picked them up.

I told her to start making flyers to post in that condo and then we parted ways.

On my way out I spotted two grounds keepers for that property and told them the story and then left.

Not 30 minutes later as I was heading to my second search of the day, I got a call from Robin who was very excited to tell me that her keys had been recently turned into that condo office…….they were found on someones patio on the other side of the fence.

Physics wins again…..

Happy you have the keys back Robin. Thanks for letting me know the outcome.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Ring Toronto…

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Finally got around to buying a GoPro camera to record my searches.

Thought I would make a short test video….



Mark Ellis


Lost Platinum Wedding Band Found.!! Huntsville ,Ontario

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last week, I had a call from Michael from Toronto about his lost platinum wedding band.


Michael told me that he had spent the weekend visiting with friends up at a cottage on Peninsula Lake near Huntsville ,Ontario.

While at the cottage, everyone had gone in the water of Peninsula lake to cool off and play around a little bit, when Michael noticed that his platinum wedding band had come off his finger in about three feet of water.

After searching for the lost ring for quite some time on the lake’s soft, mucky, bottom, Michael and his friends had give up the search. The ring had probably been stepped on and pushed even deeper into the lakebed and completely out of view.

When Michael finished telling me the story, I figured it would be a good search for my scuba diving friends Brad and Ryan, the father son team, as they live really close to this lake, however they would probably not need to dive for this one but would bring their gear just in case.

Brad and Ryan made it Peninsula Lake on Sunday, September 16, 2012 after getting all the info from Michael, and met with Michael’s friends up at the cottage. Michael was not able to make it up there for the search.

Brad got into the water minus the scuba gear, and spent three and a half hours trying to locate the ring in the mucky bottom. After changing underwater detectors, and cranking the White’s Dual Field gain to full , Brad finally got a nice, solid hit.

Now elbow deep in the soft muck and with his trusty Vibra Probe, Brad now held Michael’s lost ring in his hand.

After the ring was located, there was lots of celebrating over the phone with Michael and his happy wife.

The ring was returned to Michael in Toronto yesterday by his friends and a picture was sent to me tonight.

We are all really happy you have your ring back Michael..!!!

Thank you for the generous reward for Brad and Ryan. I know it was greatly appreciated.

Great job once again Brad and Ryan.

I’m going to start calling you guys the “Dream Team”

Thanks guys for helping me out with this one.!!

Take care everyone,

Mark Ellis



Gold Signet Ring for 8yr Old found after 3 weeks

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Hello from Don & Ellen Wilson in Dallas, Texas.  We got a call today from Mrs Bundy, her 8yr old daughter, Briar, had lost her Gold Signet Ring at the playground of the local Country Club.  We met at the Country Club and began searching the area where the daughter said she saw the ring fly off her hand.  She was playing Queen of the World by standing on top of a picnic table and threw her arm out like she was Queen. The ring came off of her hand and was lost.

After 3 weeks of searching by Briar, her parents, other family members and the Country Club grounds & Management staff everyone had given the ring up for lost.  Mrs Bundy’s sister in New York read an article about  “The Ring Finders” and told Mrs. Bundy she should check the website and see if there was a “Ring Finder in the Dallas area”  She did and found my wife and I.

After about an hour of searching we were about to call it quits when I asked the little girl to get back up on the picnic table and re-inact the event.  She did, then my wife said “no wait, do it again and close your eyes and do it the exact same way”.  Briar did as we requested and did it completely different than she had previously showed us.  This time I saw that it was possible the ring may have  flown in a different area of grass.  We began to detect this area and in 5 minutes the ring showed itself.  I called the little girl and her mother over and asked, ‘is this your ring’?  They were so excited and so grateful.

Another great day in the life of “The Ring Finders in Dallas,Tx”

God I love this hobby!

Don & Ellen

Lost Locket & Gold Chain found! Arlington,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We  received a panic call from a young man about 8pm one night saying that his girlfriend had lost the locket and chain he had given her somewhere in his front yard.  He wanted us come that night but we were tied up and promised to come early the next morning.  We arrived around 7am and he explained that he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the front yard when the incident happened. She had placed the item in the pocket of her hoodie prior to playing around.  She was extremely upset with him and he was really upset that he couldn’t find it himself.

We got out our detectors and began scanning and in just 5 minutes or so we got a HIT.  We found the locket and chain. He was shocked and happy and could not thank us enough.

What a thrill to have another successful hunt for “The Ring Finder”.

Don & Ellen Wilson – Carrollton,Texas

Lost Ring After Iron Man Race Found – Cross Plains, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Gold Ring (20110913)_crop

I saw a posting on Lost and Found section looking for help in locating a lost ring.  Brian had been spectating the Ironman race the past weekend. After the race, he found a wooded area off of the route to change into some shorts.  He then walked back to the race route, which ran directly past a rural house.  Brian picked a spot in front of a driveway and encouraged others still running the race.  Suddenly, Brian realized his ring was missing.  He retraced his steps back to the wooded area, searching for his ring along the way.  He did not have any luck.  He wasn’t sure if he lost it while changing in the woods, or while watching the race.  It was getting dark, so Brian grabbed a flashlight and continued hunting for his ring.  He searched for awhile longer, but did not find anything.  Brian was so mad at himself for losing his ring. To top it all off, he was from Illinois and had to return home the next day.  This is when Brian posted an ad on Craigslist hoping someone else had found it while watching the race.

I responded to the ad offering to help.  Robyn, Brian’s wife, replied back with a great image of a Google Map snapshot, including the area Brian was in circled in red.  She indicated the main area to search was the driveway.  My son and I made arrangements with the homeowner to stop out and search.  The grass was longer than usual, so I could see how it would be hard to find the ring if it was dropped.  After about 10 mins, all we had was $0.35 in change, a couple pop tops and a handful of other junk.  Then, right in the area Robyn said to focus on, we got a strong hit on the detector … it was Brian’s ring!  Someone must have stepped on it, possibly Brian while searching for it.   It was about 1 inch underground, but was easy to retrieve.  I then gave Brian a call to give him the good news, he was ecstatic.  You could just tell the relief in his voice when I was talking with him.

This was a special hunt for me, as this was our first wedding ring search and return … we’ve been hooked ever since


Brian and Robyn L.

RobynBrian        Gold Ring2 (20110913)