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iPhone found and returned, Jacksonville Beach

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)

I was out detecting Jacksonville Beach yesterday.   I wasn’t getting a lot of good signals,  mostly pull tabs.  After about an hour of detecting, I had a crazy erratic high signal, the numbers were all over the place.  I put my scoop in the sand and out of the sand about 6 inches deep was an iphone.  It was not in a waterproof case and sure enough it would not turn on.  Bummer, as I was hoping to locate the owner.

After a couple more hours of detecting, I was approach by a gentleman.  He came over and asked if I could help him locate his phone.  He had dropped it in about waist deep water.  I asked him if it was in a waterproof case and he said it was.  I told him I would be right back to help look.  I took my pouch and my keys to the lifeguard down the beach, I was not prepared to get waist deep and didn’t want to loose my valuables in the water.  I went back and asked him a few questions about where he was standing.  The tide had turned about 45 minutes earlier and was coming in fast.  I walked out to were the waves were crashing the shore, about waist deep.   He and a couple of other people had already been looking.    I wasn’t sure if I would find it because the waves were pretty rough.  I got in the water and walked up the beach about 30 yards and made my turn to come back.  About half way back, I got the same signal I had gotten with the other phone.  I knew I had it under the coil.  I call him over and told him to reach under the coil and get his phone.   I couldn’t reach down, I didn’t have my waterproof headset on and I knew the waves would cover my head if I reached down.  He reached down and right as he was grabbing his phone, a wave knocked him over.  When he came up, he was smiling for ear to ear.  He had his phone in his hand.   Thank goodness it was still working

This is why I love this hobby.

I am trying to dry out the other cell phone and I still hope to return it to it’s owner soon.