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Man With Good Contacts finds Maderia Beach Ring

Kyle and his family were enjoying a weekend at Madeira Beach, Fl. from their home in Lakeland. Kyle was playing volleyball and noticed his wedding ring was gone after diving for the ball up by the net. They searched desperately with no luck. Kyle’s mom happened to be lifelong friends with Mitch a metal detectorist who lives in Sebastian Inlet on the East Coast. She contacted him and he contacted Paul Hill via Facebook whom he knows from detecting together in England. This was about 8:10pm. Knowing it was on a volleyball court and may be hit by someone else, Paul headed out to help. Arriving, Paul got right to work after Kyle explained what happened. With few signals Paul asked Kyle if he was sure it came off at that point or he just realized it was gone when he rose from the diving play. Kyle was pretty sure it happened at that time. Paul expanded his search area and decided to grid the half court in which Kyle played. After about the 5th pass the ring was recovered in front of the serving area. Bride and groom were happy to have the ring back where it belongs!

Kyle1 Kyle2

Clearwater Gardeners Lost Ring Recovered

During Sandy’s morning walk her fingers swelled from the humid air.  Sandy decided to take her ring off and put it in her pocket.  After her morning walk, Sandy decided to go right to the back yard and get some yard work done.  After cleaning the planter beds, mulching and starting to do some pressure washing she noticed her ring was missing from her pocket.  Knowing her son Josh had a friend that was a ringfinder, she called him for help.  Josh filled Stan Flack in and a time to meet in the backyard the next day was set.  Stan checked the plant beds, the bag of yard trash and mulch.  All that was left was the lawn between the back door and where Sandy had been working.  Five minutes on the lawn and the ring was found.  Smiles all the way around.  Sandy is a happy camper.

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Indian Rocks Beach Ring Recovered

Marlita and Lani first met and became friends while working in the medical profession in Saudi Arabia. They had not seen each other since 1993 but had just reconnected and Lani was visiting from Connecticut. They decided to spend the day on the beach and relive old times. After a few hours of sunbathing, Lani decided to go for a swim. She was wise to the danger of losing jewelry when in the water so she took off her bracelet and ring, put them in Marlit’s hand and ran off into the water. Marlita quickly put what was in her hand into the beach bag. She did not realize that there were 2 items in her hand and somehow dropped the ring without knowing that she ever had it. When Lani returned and looked for her jewelry she discovered her ring was missing. They searched and searched but could not find it. They left the beach that night broken hearted. Lina had received the ring from her husband 30 years earlier and it was very precious to her.

Marlita was so devastated that she had been the one to lose the ring and the next morning she found The Ring Finders on the internet and contacted Tom. Tom went right up to the beach and met Marlita and Lina. He searched the best he could but with the beaches so full for spring break there were many area’s he could not cover. After finding nothing he organized a hunt that evening after the crowds had cleared out. The group, Stan Flack, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Chris Duerden, Mike Miller, Jim Thobe, and Sharon Holcomb, showed up at 6:00 pm and by 6:30 pm Stan had the ring in hand. Marlita met us shortly after and was overjoyed to see Stan pull it from his pouch. She call Lina immediately and told her the good news. It was smiles all around!!!!!!! Great job team, thanks for being there for Marlita and Lina.

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Sand Key Platinum Wedding Ring Returned

We took a trip to Clearwater in September, and one of the highlights was getting to take our 18-month-old son to the ocean for the first time. His experience was great, but after an hour of wading in the surf and walking up and down the beach I noticed that my wedding ring was gone. We did some halfhearted searching, but really didn’t expect much luck finding one small item in the ocean. That night we posted on Craigslist. That also seemed like a long shot, but we figured that the ring has a specific inscription, and if someone else found it and wanted to contact us Craigslist might give them a way. In the morning we had two responses — one from Stan at Ring Finders saying he’d be happy to meet us and search together, and a second from someone else saying “you should take down your ad and contact Ring Finders”.


Timing was tough for us. This was the last day of the vacation, and we had to navigate the toddler’s sleep schedule and make it to church before we left town. Still, Stan said he had a 95% success rate if we came and helped narrow the search area, and while that sounded impossibly high it gave us enough hope to give it a try. So we met Stan back at the beach, explained where we had been the day before, and let him start searching. He suggested that we stick around for an hour in case any other memories came to us, and after that he’d spend another hour before bringing others down to help search. We discussed the location a little more, and decided, based on landmarks like “this hole here, and that sign over there”, that he was in about the right spot. We were just explaining that to Stan when he said, “hold on, I’ve got something right here.” He scooped up some sand, drained it, and handed my ring back to me with a smile. We couldn’t believe it. The total search was maybe 15 minutes, which turned out to be especially important that day. We’re adopting a second child, and that same afternoon we got word that the mother had gone into labor early so we took the next flight out. Without Stan’s quick response, his availability to meet us right away, and the short search time, our window would have closed and we would have left town without ever finding the ring. He was exactly the right person at the right time. Thanks Stan!

Stan   Stan1

Lost Wedding Band in New Port Richey

Gary spent the day planting new plants and doing yard maintenance. At the end of the day he discovered his ring was missing. Stacy, Gary’s wife, contacted our club and Howard Metts was dispatched to attempt a recovery. Stacy met Howard and after 1 1/2 hrs of hunting Gary came home and Howard re-hunted areas he showed him as possible locations for ring.  After 2 1/2 hrs of searching and finding only some coins, Howard asked Gary (the husband) to retrace his steps as Howard knew from his wife he was in the garage.  First step was to get a hand trowel out of his tool box.  He opened the drawer to the toolbox and there sat the ring.  I was glad he found it as there was no way I could have missed it when detecting. What a good ending to a difficult hunt.

Gary1 Gary


Lost Diamond Wedding Ring on Maderia Beach, FL

Dale’s wife had just left town to attend her class reunion so he decided to go for his weekly swim down at Maderia Beach. As he dove down to swim under water he felt his wedding ring slip off. He stopped right then and called someone over to stand in the place while he walked down the beach looking for a dive mask. He returned and hunted the bottom for over and hour but had no luck. He didn’t want to have to tell his wife about losing his wedding ring just when she left town so he contacted us and we did a hunt the next day. We were not successful the first time and he ended up telling his wife when she returned from her trip. As you can imagine she was not to happy with him. I scheduled another hunt at the next good tide and within an hour we had his ring. He was one happy man and I bet his wife was too.