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Dad To The Rescue Father’s Day Weekend

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text message yesterday morning as I was loading a truck to do some sign installations. Scott was reaching out to me from Tampa Florida. I called him to get some information and how I might help. Scott explained that he was referred to me from Tomas Bagdas (TRF. Surfside Beach, SC.) Tomas was out of town. Scott went on to explain that his daughter Megan was in Surfside Beach with a large group of doctors taking a break from their residency training. On the beach, Megan had been put in charge of her friend Avery’s engagement and wedding rings. She had the rings on her finger when an errant football bounced her direction. Megan grabbed the ball and threw it back sending the rings flying. Megan had called her father sobbing about losing her friend’s wedding band.

I called Megan directly to get her location and met her at the beach a short time later. We walked to the area where she explained that they did find the engagement ring the night before but could not find the yellow gold wedding band. Megan pointed out a 20-yard by 40-yard area in the sand. I had her rub her left earlobe for good luck as I went to work with my trusted CTX 30-30. About 15 minutes into the search, I got the beautiful gold tone in my earphones. The numbers on the interface confirmed my thoughts. A scoop of sand and a kick with my foot revealed the 14kt. yellow gold band. I picked up the lost treasure and held it up for Megan to see from her seated position 60 feet away. She raced to me and plucked the ring from my hand all the while saying, “No way”. You could visibly see the stress lift from her shoulders.

At that time Avery and several of the other girls were walking up the beach. I told Megan we were going to play a trick on her. I started asking Avery about the wedding band. She held out her hand using her engagement ring as reference. I asked her if the wedding band looked like this as I placed the ring on her finger. Everybody jumped and shouted their excitement (The Ring Dance). The ring is now back on Avery’s finger where it was placed 3 years ago on her wedding day.

Special thanks to Tomas, Scott and Megan for trusting me to do this search,