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Lost In The Ocean, Diamond Eternity Ring, Pinaroo Point, Found In 15 mins!

  • from Perth (Australia)

Hi again! Got a message from Lynette on Wednesday, 6th of March to say she had lost her diamond eternity ring in the drink at Pinaroo Point. She had snorkeled around hoping to see it for two days and that morning had hired a metal detector to search the beach and shallow water without any luck.

I was already anxiously waiting for an upcoming weather window to allow diving recoveries. From her explanation I thought that diving might be required in this case also, so I suggested I could search for her lost ring in two days time when I expected the right sea conditions. I also explained to her that I had had a call from the Today Tonight show and asked her if she would mind being interviewed on prime time telly, and luckily she didn’t.

Well after a bit of thinking I said I would like to visit the site the next morning to assess it with respect to having a film crew there the following day. Lynette agreed to meet me there at daybreak to show me where she had lost it, but when we arrived the conditions were near perfect so I said it would be silly not to search for it now while the conditions were so good, so I did. (The following day was not nearly as nice and would have made a recovery very difficult at best!)

Believe this or not, but the reason Lynette had lost the ring was because she had seen a metal detectorist on the beach and commented to her friend that he might be looking for jewellery. At this point Lynette decided to check the fit of her ring which was good though whilst it was off, she fumbled a moment and plop, gone was the ring! Hard to believe? Not so much I guess but what a stroke of bad luck that it should happen in the water!

You wont believe this! Found it.

Lynette remembered she was facing the beach side on at the time and had lined up a beach sign with a sand dune to know fairly well where she was standing when she dropped the ring. I began my search a little to the left of this line and worked my way in and out from the beach to about chest deep. Lynette was following me along the shoreline and looking on anxiously each time I shook sand from my scoop. This is not a high volume beach so fortunately there was little rubbish to deal with.

Joy, joy, happy, happy!

The first target to come up was a beaver tail style ring pull tab, the second was a cellphone battery and the third – (a drum roll please)…Lynette’s ring! Well Lynette and I were over the moon and she quickly bounded into the water to see if it was really true.. once again the picture says the rest.