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Man’s Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned Surfside Beach

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text message from Jeff looking for my help with his lost wedding band. Jeff and I are on opposite time spectrums. Jeff sent his text at 11:15 PM and I read it at 3:30 AM. I texted Jeff back at a reasonable hour for him to call me. Jeff and I talked soon afterword. Jeff, a recent transplant neighbor and retired Police Officer, lost his wedding band the day before in waist deep water at mid tide. This gold ring was presented to him by his late mother for his wedding day. Jeff’s wife Amanda placed this ring on his finger 10 years ago. Sentimental and terrestrial connections to the celestial thought of his late mother Patricia put added pressure on this ring search.

I met Jeff, Amanda and other family members on the beach at a 7:00PM low tide for this search. Amanda was key in this search because she put me right on the area Jeff had lost his ring. I had everybody present rub their left earlobe for good luck.  Jeff’s entourage had dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant and had been given notice that their table was ready. I told them to go to dinner and I would go to work. They left and I headed to the water’s edge with my new Minelab Manticore. I put a mark in the sand to start a south to north grid working parallel to the water. In 6 steps I got a nice sounding 42 on the VDI and the Target Trace painted a solid target. My sand scoop retrieved Jeff’s 14kt. gold wedding band. I know Jeff and Amanda were probably not out of the parking lot so I immediately sent them a text and picture. They came straight back to the beach to have me hand back Jeff’s cherished treasure. A tearful exchange and “Ring Dance” ensued. I could see the stress of all of this be taken from his shoulders.

Jeff, Thank You for trusting me with this ring search. Thank you as well for the generous donation to our cause of helping people!