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Man’s Wedding Band Found and Returned! Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

So this post has been needing to happen for a couple weeks now.

I woke up early Friday morning, with sleep still in my eyes, I noticed that I had a text message on my phone. Getting my first cup of coffee I also noticed that I had several severe weather alerts on my phone as we are under tornado warnings for most of the day. I looked at the text from Brittni explaining the loss of her husband Paul’s wedding band the day before. Paul was throwing a foot ball with son Connor. As Paul caught the football in the shin deep water he felt his wedding band fall off. As he saw the ring disappear with the next wave he realized the ring was gone. I called Brittni back and ended up with Paul on the line. They were schedule to fly back to Chicago that night, as this was the last day of their vacation. After checking the radar forecast I saw that we would have about an hour window between thunderstorms coinciding with a low tide. Perfect!

Driving to meet Paul, Brittni and Connor at the beach, it is dumping buckets. As I pulled into the appointed parking lot the heavens opened and the sun shown thru. After walking to the spot on the beach with the family I had them rub their left earlobe for luck. I began the grid search at the water’s edge. After a 45 minute search I got a great signal in ankle deep water. I missed the ring twice with the sand scoop as the target was deeper than I expected. The third try revealed Paul,s beautiful tungsten carbide wedding band in the scoop. As I walked from the water Paul and Brittni were moving toward me. I held out the scoop and had Paul remove his ring. “Let The Ring Dance commence! High fives, hugs and smiles all around. After a few pictures and some small chat we moved to our vehicles. As I drove out of the parking lot it began to rain again. The weather man was spot on. Paul was too as he put me on the location of his wedding band.

Paul and Brittni, Thank You for the generous reward and trusting The Ring Finders to help you.