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Man’s Wedding Band Found and Retuned, Litchfield Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I was out of town last weekend for a much deserved break, when I noticed I had a text message from the day before. I called Mary Claire back as soon as I saw her text. She and her husband Andeis were enjoying the newly re-opened beaches (Covid 19) in South Carolina when Andreis lost his wedding band while rinsing his hands off at the waters edge.  I asked if I could meet her on the beach tomorrow (Monday) to help put me in a good location. Mary Claire told me she had to work but that she had time that day to go back to the area and take some pictures and try to send some GPS way points as well. She and her husband Andreis did a great job in getting me all the information they could. I told her to be rubbing her left earlobe for good luck on Monday morning. When I went to the beach for Monday’s low tide I started a 20 yard by 40 yard grid in the area I thought it to be. I  started a new grid after not finding his ring. Just a few feet outside of the original area I got a nice tone in the phones and a great looking number on my CTX 30-30. My sand scoop produced what was expected to be a nice yellow gold 8mm wedding band. I wasn’t disappointed.

Mary Claire works at one of our local hospitals which was on the way home for me. I called her with the good news. I asked her if she had rubbed her left earlobe that morning. She laughed and replied “No Way”. I met her at the hospital 15 minutes later and reunited her with Adreis’ wedding band. The band she put on his finger 2 years ago.

Mary Claire, Thanks for the generous reward. Also, thank you for your front line efforts in helping people during this pandemic. Good luck in all your future endeavors.