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Lost Earring in Normandy beach NJ found by Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

On 8/5/20 I was contacted by Roshni. While she was in Normandy Beach visiting friends Donna and Brendon She was holding their 1 year old and accidently had a part of one of her earrings removed. Needless to say it disappeared in the sand around where they were sitting. Initially i was going to go out there before Isaias but the storm started much earlier than expected. So i went out there the next night and Met her friends since she was no longer in town. Her friend Brendon told me how many paces to walk and also around where he thought was the right area. After about 20mins if found it! Her friend Donna face timed her so we could give her the great news. She was very happy and thankful! Her friends were just as happy since they felt a bit guilty that it was their toddler that accidently caused it to be lost in the first place. All is well again!