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Lost Diamond Ring in Port Coquitlam, PoCo…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)












I was at work when I received a call from Patrick who asked if I could help find a ring that his wife Colleen lost that day. Patrick was calling me from Phoenix Arizona but his wife was home in Port Coquitlam, she was at a local school when she was throwing a ball for her dog and the ring came off her finger.

Colleen spent over an hour searching for the ring but had no luck, she then called her husband with the bad news.

Patrick wasted no time and went online and found The Ring Finders Directory and my service here in Vancouver / Lower Mainland. We discussed the search and due to the area the ring was lost at I knew I had to search for it after work that night.

After a 13 1/2 hour day at work I went home grabbed my detector and headed out to PoCo, with Patrick’s help via phone at 12:50 a.m… I located the exact area his wife was playing ball with her dog.




After 30 minutes of grid searching this beautiful ring showed itself…I quickly took a picture and emailed it to Patrick. A minute later I received a call from a very happy young man!

What a great couple! Nice to meet you both and thank you for the kind reward!

I love my job!

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Video of the search below…


2 Lost Rings in the UBC Area / Spanish Banks…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)


Smiles are the best things we find! I got a call from a young lady that tells me she lost two rings while on a big water slide that was made for a party with lots of friends. The rings meant a lot to Fran and she thought she’d never see the rings again so she was going to rent a metal detector and went on line and found The Ring Finders Directory.

My wife and I met Fran at 8PM just before it got dark and she showed us the huge hill where they had the slide that weekend. I could see the flatten grass where the slide was placed and this helped with our grid search.

After just minutes of turning on my big flood light we found one ring that was flattened into the ground. After a 14 hour day at work then 2 hours into the search we decided to call it a night. I knew it would take daylight to find the second ring as it was hard to do a grid in the low light we had.

We sent a picture of the ring to Fran and told her we’d go out and search on the weekend for the gold & jade ring. I went out and bought a new metal detector(Whites V3i) and I was excited to give it a go, our son wanted to join the search and Beverley and I were excited to have him as the search area was pretty huge.

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we got there and it was a hot day so I slowly started to set up my new detector and Jamie ask me if he could give it a go, I said sure and his mother let him use the Whites XLT that she was going to use. I just started to grid search when I hear Jamie and Beverley shouting…Found It! Found It! I’m thinking found what? It was almost like Jamie walked right to the ring!

With such a big area to search that day Jamie knocked it out of the park! I was so proud of him and happy to know that I could go home and rest…Like his mother he has the knack of find what people thought was lost forever.


I love my job & family!


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You can watch the video below.

Lost Gold Ring in North Vancouver, BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)









So last night before my night hunt for the two wedding rings I receive an email from a young lady who lost her gold ring that was given to her by her mother. After discussing the search we both knew it was a long shot due to she didn’t know when the ring came out of her pocket..

These kinda searches I call (closure searches) I will search the most likely areas where they think the ring fell out of her pocket. My chances are very low as its a needle in a haystack…The area was very big and to boot there was power lines directly above me. This drives detector crazy!

The only thing I could do for the first part of the search was use my pin pointer, as we moved away from the power lines I was able to use my detector by dropping the sensitivity  to almost the lowest setting. I would still be able to get a signal as the ring would be sitting on top of the grass.

The young lady was at work so her boyfriend met with me to show me the area they had walked when they realized the ring was missing.

After 30 minutes I got a great signal and as I bent down to use my pin pointer and move the grass there was here gold ring starring back up at me!!! Crazy, I was so happy and so was her boyfriend! I always give a 100% even if I don’t think I have a chance, today I was rewarded by finding this young ladies most cherished  gift that was given to her by her mother…




I love my Job!

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You can watch the recovery on the video below…


Lost Diamond Ring in Burnaby, BC…Found! New-Video Added

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I got a call from a young man who wanted me to come out and take a look for a lost diamond ring that was a gift from his father. This was a special ring as the young mans grandfather had given it to his father many years before. Losing the ring as you could imagine was heart breaking!

He had rented a metal detector the day before I got there and spent many hours searching but had no luck finding the ring. That’s when he went online and found my directory “The Ring Finders” We discussed the search over the phone and I was thinking that I had a 50-50 chance of finding the ring as he didn’t know if it came off where he thought it did.

When I arrived at his place and he showed me the area where he thought it could be, my feeling was if it was there I’d find it, if not, I’d give him closure. 15 minutes into the search and no ring where he thought it might be, I decided to expand my search in the opposite direction and that was a good thing as I found his beautiful diamond ring!

The young man was so grateful and happy and I was too, it always feels good to find what you’re looking for and help continue that story that the ring came with…

I love my job!

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Watch the video of the search…