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Christmas Tree Recycle Lost Ring Omaha Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)


Co-worker told me about a post for a ring that was lost when recycling Christmas trees, she passed on my contact information and the owner and I were soon in touch.

Christmas tree was dropped off in a parking lot at a local soccer field.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather on that day, the area was somewhat muddy.   Fast forward to our first look at the area, the tree pile had grown substantially and winter was back in full force.

He described how he had thrown the tree, returned to his car and noticed that his ring was gone.   We pulled about 20-30 trees out of the pile in the area where had tossed his tree. I pulled out my detector and heavy duty sharply pointed metal detecting shovel and figured we’d take a quick look.  The first promising signal, I took the shovel and with quite a bit of force hit the ground.  I think I managed to chip about 1/8 inch of frozen solid mud.  Unfortunately, with the number of trees and ground conditions, finding it at this time wasn’t going to happen

In the next couple weeks, I drove by numerous times and stopped on a Saturday to take a look when we had a warm spell again.   No luck, couple weeks later all the trees were finally gone and the weather was as warm as it was going to get for a while, it was time.

When we got there the parking lot gates were now shut and parking was limited to side of the street.  I left my shovel in the truck thinking we would just look at surface targets.  After about half hour, I found a good signal,  Rachel swept some pine needles away and some loose dirt.  You could see the golden edge of a ring!   While I walked back to the truck to get the shovel Rachel, without much success, tried to dig it out with her fingers.

Once back to the truck I texted a picture of the ring with “I hope this looks familiar.”   I received a phone call in short order and decided we would drop it off at his workplace (Starbucks.)

Total search time: 2 hrs (several trips and weeks apart.)  Reward Accepted – two coffees!

Rachel trying to dig ring out.

Edge of ring in frozen ground.

Tree pile and conditions when lost


Ring recovered Fremont Lakes, Fremont, Nebraska

  • from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)

Ring was lost while playing with kids in lake, tossing the kid and the ring came off.   Attempts to find the ring by diving down and feeling with hands and feet failed to find it.  Owner had a pretty good idea where in the swimming area it was lost.  While searching on the internet to rent a metal detector he came across the ringfinders and gave me a call.  Drove out after work and ring was found after about 20 minutes.