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After 18 years……..Lost ring is found..!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

This was a very special search for me.

Most of the searches I conduct for people are for jewelry items that are recently lost,……this story is very different.


Last week I received a call from Jodie, a vey nice lady from Richmond Hill ,Ontario.

A friend of Jodie’s had read an article on me in the Toronto Star newspaper the week before, and called Jodie to tell her the story.

Jodie’s friend knew that she had lost a ring 18 years ago and assumed it was lost forever.

Thats when I got the call.

Jodie briefly told me that the ring was lost when her son was eight years old and fell into the water of a private lake in the winter time.

She had to pull him from the water and then began to rush him back to the house, but stopped briefly to sit him onto a wooden fence to help him with his jacket. She remembers quickly removing her freezing hands from her gloves to assist him before  taking him up to the house to get warm.

Later that night she noticed that her engagement ring was no longer on her finger. They searched for the ring and at one point rented a metal detector to no avail. She then assumed the ring was gone for good for the last 18 years……..

Well, I met with Jodie and her daughter Tara this afternoon at an absolutely gorgeous, and very large property on a private lake.

After getting all my gear from the car, we trekked down to the lake and Jodie re-enacted the events of that day so long ago.

I then asked her a ton of questions then began my search.

I had to stop several times just to knock down tall grass and weeds that were three feet high just so I could swing my detector.

After about two hours into the search, Jodie went back to the house while Tara stayed with me.

I then had to crush down and pull more weeds in a certain area and once it was flat enough, I began to scan again.

Then, that signal, that signal that had been waiting to be heard for 18 years called out loud and clear in my headphones.

I know that sound,  that special sound of a ring,and my heart started to race. I took out my pinpointer, pried up about an inch of soil and caught a glint of gold, then I saw the diamond, a dirty diamond, but……. We had it…!!!!

After sleeping under the stars for 18 years, the ring would find it’s way back to Jodie’s finger.

I called to Tara and showed her the ring. She then went and got Jodie.

Jodie’s reaction was priceless when she first saw the ring. She was overjoyed..!!

Tara then cleaned up the ring, and it looks as good as new.

I’m so happy you have your ring back Jodie…!!  It was a thrill for me to find it. Also, it was a pleasure to meet you and Tara and to spend some time on your beautiful property.

I hope you enjoy your ring for years to come….!!!


Take care,

Mark Ellis

Property and Estate Searches Yakima Washington

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

To date most of my hunts have included searches for rings and other lost personal items. But the use of a metal detector goes beyond just rings. I initially purchased my Whites Classic ID metal detector 11 years ago to search my property for underground lines and property markers. Since then I have loaned out that detector to search for wiring in new construction, for a friend to look for a pair of glasses lost on a snowy hike and yes for several property marker searches.

Recently I was asked if my detector could locate the lid from a chewing tobacco can. I responded that it would be able to see the metal part of the can and followed up his question with one of my own. Why?

The response got me ready to hunt. He told me a story about his grandparents who hid money in their yard in these containers and who knows what else. In one can there was a reported three thousand dollars. They lived in an area rich with history and many detectors had been by asking for permission to hunt their property. They had always said yes, but restricted them from searching around the house.

This led the person asking me the question to think there may be much more in the ground and he wanted me to do a property search. Currently the ground is nicely frozen, so this will have to wait until spring, and I will report back on what I find.

Another friend spoke with me about searching his late fathers property as they had already found $37,000 in cash in a drawer when they went through his estate. The father had owned a coin op car wash pre–1965 and had told the kids, when I die you can bet I will have several large drums of silver coins in the yard.

So you see besides searching for rings or keys, there are other good uses for a metal detector.

If you have a property that you think holds buried treasure and would like a hunt done, then let me know. If you are in the Washington State area I can help you out and depending on the treasure, I could be willing to travel. I can also set you up with a Ring Finder in your area who I am sure would be more than happy to help you out.

Now if spring could only hurry up so I can get to that estate search and see what treasure is waiting to be found.

Do you have a search? I am waiting for your call.