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Two Lost Rings Found on Fremont Cricket Field

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Two lost gold rings found in Fremont near Milpitas and Hayward

Vijay got his two rings back

Everybody loves Cricket. It’s just like Baseball, except…actually it has nothing in common with Baseball except it uses a ball and a wacky flat bat. Anyhow, Vijay was playing cricket last Sunday at a park in Fremont when he felt the chain around his neck break. He managed to hold onto the chain, but the two gold rings that were hanging on it were gone.

Vijay searched on his own for two days, then went online to look for metal detector rentals and found us. We were able to make it to the field late that afternoon. Because it was a large field of deep, healthy grass, we marked two search zones with stakes. Zone 1 was about 80 feet square, around the spot where Vijay felt the chain slipping off. Zone 2 was about twice as large, encompassing the rest of the area where Vijay had played in the few minutes before he felt it slip.

First we searched Zone 1 very thoroughly, detecting both East-West and North-South. This took about an hour, and by the time we finished, we were confident the rings were not there. In most fields that size, we would have found 20-50 pull tabs and dozen or more coins, but all we found was ten coins, a broken key ring and one pull tab. Too bad every park isn’t that clean.

Next we moved the stakes from Zone 1 to mark Zone 2 more clearly. We also enlarged Zone 2 a bit to include more of the cricket field. After another hour of searching with two metal detectors, we had only covered about half of Zone 2 and had found just a few more coins. We could see that Vijay was getting nervous-he was pacing along the east side of the search zone.

Suddenly Vijay called out, “I found one!” He was holding up one of the lost rings. He had found it a couple of feet outside of Zone 2. I ran over to where he was standing, and quickly spotted the second ring near his feet.

So as it turned out, we didn’t find the rings with our metal detectors. But Vijay insists that he never would have spotted the first ring if we hadn’t gone through the effort to survey, mark and search the two Search Zones. Chalk another one up to TheRingFinders search grid process!


Two lost gold rings found in Fremont


Another Lost Ring Found on Stinson Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost wedding band found at Stinson Beach

Lost wedding band found at Stinson Beach

What is it about Stinson Beach in Marin County? Why are so many rings lost there? We got a call today from Lindsey, who had driven over from Sacramento with her daughter to beat the summer heat. She took off her wedding ring to apply sunscreen, then walked over to her daughter to apply more…and the sand swallowed up her ring. After looking for it everywhere, she used her smartphone to search for metal detector rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s when she found us.

It took us a few hours to make it to Stinson Beach because of the rush hour traffic. Once we arrived, Lindsey showed us where she had lost her wedding ring, and we immediately knew that we would be able to find it for her. Why? Because she had been sitting under her umbrella when she lost it, and she had not moved the umbrella. It was like a pin stuck to the beach saying “Lost Ring Right Here!”

The hunt itself took just ten minutes with our metal detectors. It’s a good thing Lindsey knew exactly where to look-her ring is quite petite, and such a small ring could be hard to find if the search area is large.

So the moral of the story is, if you lose your ring or other jewelry, stop and mark the location, then call TheRingFinders!

Don't move that umbrella!

The umbrella marked where the ring was lost on the beach

Lost gold and diamond ring found

We found Lindsey’s lost gold and diamond ring

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Seminary in Menlo Park

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Lost wedding ring found in Menlo Park

The lost ring was found in the grass

Mark was playing soccer on the grounds of a nineteenth-century seminary in Menlo Park. It’s the kind of quiet, spacious place that you would expect to find in the English countryside instead of the Bay Area suburbs between Palo Alto and Redwood City.

Mark was wearing his wife’s wedding ring on a chain around his neck. When the game was over, he removed his jersey, then noticed that the chain was broken and the ring was gone. Mark and his teammates immediately searched the field with no luck.

Later that afternoon, other teams played two more games on the same field, which made Mark worry that the ring would get smashed into the soft earth, or found by someone who didn’t know he was looking for it. That evening, he searched the internet for metal detector rental in  Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Mountain View and found TheRingFinders.

We met Mark at the seminary the next day. He showed us where he’d removed his jersey, and where he’d walked afterwards. He felt strongly that this was the most likely place for the ring to fall, because he’d kept his jersey tucked in the entire game. We used stakes to create an initial search zone the full width of the field by about thirty yards long, then two of us began a careful gridded search.

It turns out Mark was right about where the ring was lost, because we found it within about 20 minutes near the middle of the search zone. It’s a beautiful ring that Mark and his wife are very happy to have back, safe and sound.

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Lost wedding band found in Menlo Park near Palo Alto


Two Lost Rings Found on Stinson Beach, Marin County

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Two lost rings found on Stinson Beach

Peggy and Norton were enjoying their annual vacation at Stinson Beach in Marin County. They were spending a beautiful day on the beach when Peggy put her wedding and engagement rings in her hat while she applied suntan lotion. A bit later, when she put the hat back on, the rings were flung into the deep, dry sand where they instantly disappeared.

We made it up a couple of days later. Peggy had carefully noted where she had been sitting when she lost the rings, so we had a good starting point. Eryn started searching and heard no tones at all, meaning the beach was very clean. After about two minutes, she heard her first tone, stuck her hand deep in the sand, and pulled up one ring. A foot away, another tone, and she found the other ring.

This was an easy search because Peggy knew exactly where she was sitting when she lost the rings. If you lose your rings, please look around and mark your location by landmarks like trees, light poles, rocks, or fences. If you can give us a reasonable area to search, you increase your chances of recovery significantly.

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Lost wedding and engagement rings found


Two Lost Rings Found in Sausalito

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
Catherine with her parent's wedding rings

Cynthia with her parent’s wedding rings

Cynthia always wears her mother’s and father’s wedding rings, which are beautiful hand-made antiques from Chile. She was wearing them last weekend while gardening in her back yard. Unfortunately, when she flung some clippings over the fence, the rings flew off too. After searching fruitlessly for the rings, she searched the web for Metal Detector Rental and found TheRingFinders.

Cynthia lives on a hill in Sausalito, with a view of the marina from the back. Like many Marin County back yards, her back yard slopes steeply downward. The rings were most likely somewhere on that slope. The first thing we did was to repeat the accident with a “ring on a string,” another gold ring attached to a bright red ribbon so that it would be hard to lose. After five tosses, we could see that the ring consistently landed in a zone starting about 10 feet down the slope. That’s where I started searching.

The hill was covered with thick ivy. Unfortunately, the ivy also covered large rocks, tree stumps, and even some old terrace walls. These hidden obstructions created lots of hollows and crevices that could conceal the rings. I attached the small 6″ search coil to my metal detector, but some areas were so small that I still had to search many areas on hands and knees with a handheld detector.

After an hour on the slope, I had covered the entire target zone with no luck. Further down the hill, the slope was too steep to search. But I still hadn’t detected the area above the target zone, closer to the fence.

Within five minutes of starting to search the new area I pulled out the first ring. Six inches away I found the second one. Both were just eight feet from the fence. The rings were as beautiful as Cynthia had described them, and she was extremely happy to get them back.

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Lost antique heirloom rings found in Sausalito