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Lost Ring Found in Saratoga

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Lost Ring Found in Saratoga

Lost Ring Found in Saratoga

Today we received a call from a client in Saratoga, a small Bay Area town near Los Gatos and Cupertino. She had just lost a beautiful handmade gold ring from India, while pruning a large jasmine bush in her front yard. She had searched for a metal detector expert on the web, and found us.

When we arrived, we found that the jasmine bush was indeed large-it was a sphere nearly six feet in diameter, and very dense. Our detectors can only scan to a maximum of 8-12 inches deep, so we were a bit worried. First we scanned the entire surface of the bush and an area in the ground around it, and also poked our detectors into the bush as far as they would go. Then our  client told us we could easily untie the bush from its pole supports and flip the whole thing over. Once we did this, we scanned the whole bush again without any luck.

Then we scanned the area directly beneath the jasmine, around the area where the stems emerged from the ground. This area had been completely covered by the bush when we arrived. Bingo! Buried in about an inch of leaves and debris, we found the ring, and it was as beautiful as the client had described. The top of the ring featured a carved image of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Not a very common ring in the Bay Area!

If you lose a ring in your back yard, or in bushes or planters, try not to disturb the area while you are searching-step gently! You want to avoid causing your lost item to move very far from it’s resting place. In this case, the ring was directly underneath the jasmine bush, but we’ve recovered items thirty feet or more from where they were lost. They were accidentally kicked there by overly enthusiastic searchers. Call us quickly and we’ll find it for you!

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Ring featuring Lakshmi Hindu goddess of wealth