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Ring recovered at Honeymoon Island, Florida

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

81 year old James Mahaffery and his wife were down from Gainsville visiting their son and they decided to spend some time at the beach. Last Wenesday they headed out to Honeymoon Island and were enjoying the water. James was on his hands and knees playing in the surf when his hand slipped off a rock and his custom ring disappeared into the sand. They looked for quite a while but could not find it. The ring was a custom made heavy silver ring with 2 horizontal bands of gold and had been on his hand for many years. They gave up and a few days later contacted Howard Metts to see if he could help. Howard is member of the SRARC ringfinders team so he made arrangements for the team to do a hunt on today. Six hunters showed up and within 30 minutes the ring was recovered. James son met us at the beach and when Chris returned the ring he called his Mom and she was so surprised and pleased it was a joy to hear her reaction over the phone. A big thanks to Chris Duerden, Howard Metts, Paul Hill, Mark Prue, Stan Flack, and Mike Miller for helping with this recovery.

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Lake Tarpon, Florida Wedding Ring Found

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Ammi found us on Ringfinders and contacted Tom with a request to recover a special ring that had been lost under her dock on Lake Tarpon. We happened to be in the area when Tom called to see what we could do, so we headed over to Ammi’s house. We found out that Ammi’s daughter Jen, and a friend Marie, had laid a towel on the dock and Marie decided to put her ring on the towel so it could not be lost. The ring was handed down to her by her father. It had been his mother’s wedding ring and carried a very large sentimental value within the family. Later in the day Marie picked up the towel, forgetting there was a ring on it and sure enough the ring fell between deck boards.

The space under the dock was very tight so Paul went under alone and worked for about 45 minutes before finding the ring right next to one of the support posts. The girls were just overjoyed when they saw Paul holding the ring. Some more big smiles!!!!  Way to go Paul.

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Lost Wedding Band in New Port Richey

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Gary spent the day planting new plants and doing yard maintenance. At the end of the day he discovered his ring was missing. Stacy, Gary’s wife, contacted our club and Howard Metts was dispatched to attempt a recovery. Stacy met Howard and after 1 1/2 hrs of hunting Gary came home and Howard re-hunted areas he showed him as possible locations for ring.  After 2 1/2 hrs of searching and finding only some coins, Howard asked Gary (the husband) to retrace his steps as Howard knew from his wife he was in the garage.  First step was to get a hand trowel out of his tool box.  He opened the drawer to the toolbox and there sat the ring.  I was glad he found it as there was no way I could have missed it when detecting. What a good ending to a difficult hunt.

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