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Lost Engagement Ring, Beacons Beach, Ca.

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

Monday morning get a frantic phone call, I am at Becons beach and my girlfriend dropped her ring. I am only five min away so I’ll be right over.

When I get there I see a guy walking back and forth at the bottom of the cliff. Grab the detector and head down. I meet Scott and he tells me he’s been looking for two days with a rented detector.

It’s late morning and the beach is gettin more and more people coming down. I grid 100′ X 50′ for a couple hours but no ring, few coins and hand full of trash. I tell him I will come back at sunset and bring my partner Curtis Cox.

5:00 pm I go down onto the beach to meet up with Scott again, I tell him Curtis is on his way and I start on my grid again. I cover the whole area again but slower, Curtis shows up and starts working the area we believe it to be in.

After he works over close to me, I stop to┬átell Scott I need to shut down and let Curtis work over this area, cause he’ll find it. 15 seconds later Curtis breaks out laughing, shakeing his scoop with a ting ting ting. He couldn’t even speak. Two days of heart break is washed away with cheers from all the people on the cliff watching the sunset and us…