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Lost Tungsten Wedding Band Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call last evening from Orla, she explained that her husband had been cross-country skiing in a park area in Calgary, Alberta and had fallen and lost his Tungsten Wedding Ring.  We agreed to meet the next day since it was already dark.  We got together at 3:30 pm the next day and made our way over to the park area.  The climb down to the track was a bit slippery considering it was a steep hill and I’m not as limber as I once was, but we made it without mishap.  Once at the track through the trees, Orla pointed out the 2-meter x 3-meter area where her husband had fallen and I started to work.  While there was quite a bit of snow the long grass had been bent over by the weight of the snow making a loose but thick base for a ring to fall into and through.  However, after just a few passes over the area my Metal Detector came through with the bright tone I was hoping for and after scratching through the snow and grass out came a bright silver colored Tungsten Wedding Band.  Orla was thrilled to get it back as they had already looked to no avail.   Another super happy customer of the Ring Finders.

Happy Lady with Husbands Ring

Lost Gold Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Beware of the icy grip that Jack Frost has on your rings.  If you live in part of the world where winter means snow and cold and it is necessary to scrape ice off your car windshield or dust snow from the same make sure you are wearing gloves.   Unfortunately, Davis like many forgot that fingers shrink in the cold and while clearing his car of snow and ice lost his ring.  That’s where the Ring Finders come in, upon searching the Internet for a metal detector he stumbled upon our web page and called me for help.  We agreed on a time to meet and I met up with him at his home where he showed me his parking area roughly 3 meters by 3 meters with about 5 cm of snow on the area.   Davis was sure it should be in the area and with that, I started a grid pattern of the area.

For you folks with detectors out there; I had my Garrett ATPRO set one notch down from max sensitivity, everything notched out with the exception of 40 – 65 and iron audio off as this area was heavy with subterranean litter.

I started out close to the fence hearing the odd murmur of junk and nails but that’s not the sound I was listening for,  then I heard  a nice bright tone, I swung over the target a couple of times before looking for it visually, when Davis’ lovely wife lunged forward and grabbed at the snow I had just sept away with my coil and with a squeal of joy she held the lost treasure in her hand.  Jubilant smiles beamed in the dark of the winter evening and it was hugs all around.   Another very happy customer of The Ring Finders.  Thank you, Davis, for the generous reward.

Platinum Ring Recovered in Calgary, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a phone call this morning from Norman, he had lost his Platinum Wedding Band and wanted me to go out and do a search for it. He admitted he really wasn’t sure where he lost it but would like to meet me at his home this evening. We agreed on a time, due to the short winter days it was dark out and cold -12c by the time I arrived there. However, I came prepared with a flashlight, Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector, Garret Pro Pointer and warm clothing. When I knocked on the door Norman answered immediately, he had obviously been waiting anxiously for me to arrive so that we could start the search. He explained again how the ring could be on his front drive or where he parked his car on the street or the Light Rail Transit Parking Lot or at work. Since we are already at his home that’s where we started. I gridded the front driveway and only got signals from the re-bar under the cement, but since I had set up the machine to sound clearly on Platinum or high carat gold I easily discarded those signals. After about 10 minutes the driveway was done with no sign of the ring and so I concentrated on the public sidewalk between where Norman’s car was parked on the road and the property, while Norman went through the interior of the car searching it with a flashlight in hopes it may be inside. Still no luck, I asked Norman to move his car so that I could access the area underneath and around, you see, cars are mostly metal so they sound off loudly and mask any other metals close by. Once the car had been moved I scanned the area in front of the vehicle the first pass nothing but junk but the second pass I got a good sharp signal in the range I was looking for, I scraped away the packed down snow with my Garrett Retriever, (across between a pick and a rake but no bigger than a hammer). I caught a glimpse of the ring and picked it up. I exclaimed to Norman, “this a good signal, it’s heavy but not likely your ring” (wink wink) once I passed him the snow-laden ring he excitedly announced it was his ring. We were both very happy. Norman, because he thought the ring was gone forever and me because I got to return another smile. Just look at that smile. Thanks Norman for the generous reward.

Happy To Get Ring Back

Lost Ring on Calgary Highway Recovered

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

After a long time in  -25 deg temperatures it was pleasant to see +2 degrees again,that is unless you are driving on Calgary’s freeways without windshield washer fluid and then the splash from the road makes visibility impossible. Such was the case for Erin and her friend. They ran out of fluids and had to pull over to the side of the very busy Deerfoot Trail where Erin jumped out and threw snow on the windshield and in the process lost her ring. They looked and looked but could not find  it.   She called me and we agreed to meet at the side of the highway. When I got there they had returned to the seen  and  with cars flying past us at 100 km/h she began to relate her story.  She pointed at the ground where she was standing and said, ” I was standing about here” then she paused, because at the toe of her boot was the lost ring. While I hadn’t even turned on my Metal Detector she was grateful that I had come out, as she had thought it was gone forever.  A very happy young lady cleaned up her ring and posed for the photo below.

Happy Erin with Recovered Ring

Found Gold Ring

Lost Engagement Ring Recovered in Chestermere AB

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Lisa called me this morning, she was in need of the services of The Ring Finders.  She explained that she had been at a function where she boards her horse and when leaving believes her ring fell off her cold hand in the parking area.  I agreed to meet her at the location. Upon arriving she helped me place my parking cones to designate the area she believed it was lost in.  I then increased the area by 10 feet on each side.  After I carefully gridded  the area and picked up lots of nails and shards of aluminum, I was sure Lisa’s ring was not there.  I asked Lisa, “Where else could your ring have come off?”  The only other place she could think it may be was at her home from when she got home that night.  I suggested that since we were already out why not go and check her place.  After a short 10 minute drive we arrived in the town of Chestermere.  She showed me the route she had taken from her car to her front door and I went to work scanning the area. Sure enough after 10 minutes I recovered her beautiful White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring.   She was over the moon with joy at getting her ring back and said she was going to get it resized right away.

It feels so good to make people this happy, call a Ring Finder near you and Get Happy!

Lisa glad to have engagement ring back.

White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Tyler had been celebrating Christmas in his backyard Hot Tub when they decided it would be a good idea to jump out of the Hot Water and jump into the Cold Snow to make Snow Angels  BRRRRR!   Unfortunately the extreme cold of the snow made his wet finger shrink and in the process of flailing around to make a Snow Angel his Wedding Ring came off and was lost in the snow, which was 6-8 inches deep over the whole yard.   Tyler left a message and I returned his call, we arranged to meet at his home.  When Tyler showed me where they had been frolicking in the snow I decided to start my search.    Within two passes across the back yard with my Garrett AT-PRO Metal Detector I got the unmistakeable sound of White Gold. I swept  through the snow and there it was gleaming up at me.   Tyler was extremely happy and relieved to have his wedding and back on his finger as you can see form the photo below.

Another satisfied customer.

White Gold Ring Recovered in Snow

Wedding Band Recovered

Lost Keys in Snow recovered in Penhold Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

A desperate call from Leslie on Christmas Eve, her daughter had been shoveling their sidewalks and lost the only set of keys for their Car fortunately they also had a Truck. Due to the winter storm I was unable to travel the Highway that evening and we arranged for me to go out on Boxing Day.   The weather was good on Boxing Day and I drove 120 kilometers to her home in Penhold, Alberta without any problem.  When I arrived Leslie showed me the areas that were best to search, after kicking down and searching the 2 foot mounds of snow along the front of the yard I turned to the path leading up to the house and around to the side.  After 1 hour I still had not found the keys.   I then started work the center of the front yard and after a few passes found the keys in the middle of the yard a good 15 feet from the sidewalk, that girl sure has a good arm.   Leslie was thrilled to get the keys back as they were the only set and it would have cost  $500.00 to get new ones.   I love the smiles I get when I recover lost valuables for people just look at Leslie beaming below.

Happy to have keys back


Platinum Wedding Ring recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Roland had been dusting the snow off his coat last night when his ring flew from his finger and into his front yard.   While he knew the general area he had searched and searched but to no avail, the heavy Platinum Wedding Band could not be seen.  He even shoveled the snow off the lawn and into his garage so it could melt and he could recover the ring but still no ring.  That’s when his wife found The Ring Finders online and Roland called me.  Roland explained, that the ring was very important to them as they just got married last summer, he couldn’t believe he’d lost it already.    

We arranged to meet at his home today and he showed me the area his ring could be in, we talked about how he had dusted his coat off and I had him reenact the scene for me.  Based on his movements, the weight of the ring, and the force behind the movement, as usual I determined it could be just about anywhere in the yard even possibly in the neighbours yard.  I searched the yard in two directions then checked the far side of a shrub bed on the opposite side of a tree to where the action had taken place.  You guessed it I got the sweet sound of Platinum in my headphones and brushed away the snow to recover Roland’s Wedding Ring.   When I handed him the ring he exclaimed, “Thank God !”  and you too Bill.  It was a big weight off his shoulders and back onto his finger.

Another Satisfied Customer of The Ring Finders

Another Happy Customer

Lost Class Ring Recovered – Airdrie, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes I go out with my detector to near by Parks , Ball Diamonds and Tot Lots.  I clean out a lot of junk and sharp objects keeping the community tidy and people safe from getting cut when playing.  Today was just such a day I was out detecting in an old Baseball Diamond that had fallen into disrepair and was rarely used anymore.  Within 30 minutes I got a familiar tone on my Garret AT PRO, thinking it inured like gold but could be junk I cut a plug in the sod about 2 inches deep handout popped this beauty a 10k Gold Class Ring the date on the side said 2007 and the school was just 2 blocks away.  

Chelseas Ring in Hole

I notice their was a name engraved on the inside of the ring and thought it would be great if I could return it to its owner.   On went the detective hat, Since my wife used to work for the school division I had her call in some favours and we located Chelsea no longer a student but now a teacher at a different school.  I contacted her and told her about the ring recovery and had her come over to pick it up.   She was thrilled to see it again and explained that she had lost it in 2008 and had gone back with friends and search for 2 hours with no luck.   The Ring Finders pull through again, returning smiles and emotionally valuable items.

Chelsea with Class Ring

Chelseas Ring

Medical Device Recovered in Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

We had just come through a big snow storm and this morning I received a text message from Justin explaining the night before on his way to work he had fallen in the deep snow,  To top it all off Justin is deaf and had lost his Cochlea Implant when he fell. I texted back and forth with him we agreed to meet at the location.  We communicated through notes and his lip reading skills and I setup a grid of the area.

This was the first hunt for this toy of device for me so I set my Garrett ATPro on Zero Discrimination.  After about 20 minutes I recovered the main part of the interface and then 5 minutes later the wire that clips to the implant and the interface.  Justin put it on right away and it still worked.  He told me that it would cost $10,000 to replace so he was very thankful to get it back.   Another customer thrilled with the service from Justin Coclea Implant InterfaceRecovered Coclea Interface