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Wedding Band lost and recovered on Treasure Island

Steve and Kate Drof (recently married) were enjoying a day at the beach with friends and Kate’s Mom. Steve was standing in about thigh deep water talking with one of his friends. He noticed how loose his ring was on his finger and commented to his friend that he needed to get it sized before he lost it. He pulled on to see if it would come off and sure enough it popped off and flipped into the water. He and his friend looked frantically for several hours but it stayed hidden in the sand. The next day Steve returned with snorkel gear and hunted some more. Kate started looking on the internet for help and ran across SRARC on the Ring Finders site. She contacted Mike and they set a meet time of 5:00 pm the next afternoon. Kate and her Mom showed up to get us into the right area and with 4 hunters, Paul Hill, Ed Osmar, Bill Gallant, and Mike Miller we forged our way into the waves and hunted for about an hour in the rough surf before the rain and lightning drove them off. They reset a hunt for the following morning and after Steve lined them up to where he had been Paul took about 10 steps into the gulf, made a left turn and took 2 more steps and hit it. Steve could not believe it and almost broke into tears. After that it was nothing but great big smiles. Nice work Team and a big thanks to Paul for hitting the jackpot.

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