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Training day with AT Pro

from Austin (Texas, United States)
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Another search was made at Lake Pflugerville where a triathlete lost his platinum wedding band in the shallow water. Plenty of twisty-ties were found, along with the usual bottle caps, ring pull tabs and two pairs of sunglasses….but no men’s wedding band. I met and spoke to a fellow metal detector who was working the beach area and she said that several rings have been lost in this lake but she has yet to locate one either. I don’t feel so bad now.

To make use of a lazy Saturday, I decided to try out the new Garrett AT Pro during a training day. I have seven planters with many different types of items buried from one inch to 4 inches in each planter. The planters are very mobile and can be moved to any area for training. Items ranging from a piece of rebar,  silver coins, earrings, ring pull tab, keys, .22 shells, .45 bullets, to a paperclip next to a copper penny.  The AT Pro worked like a champ, I ran it through the different search modes and I am not disappointed with this machine.  Those who use this machine and the AT Gold know what I am talking about. The AT Pro is a great addition to my stable of detectors.


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