Persistence is Key

  • from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)

On May 21st, 2023, I, Willy from The Digging Dudes received a ring finders call at 7pm from Maddie. Maddie and her husband had been playing volley ball at an Air BnB in Lac St.Marie when they lost his platinum wedding band.  They had been searching all day and even went to Canadian Tire and bought a detector to look for themselves with no luck. They were leaving tomorrow morning so they needed help now. I could tell her in her voice that she had given up, and although there was only 90 minutes of sunlight left, and it was a 70 minute drive away, I knew this would be a fantastic save if we could find it. So I asked my daughter Willa, if she wanted to join me, she said yes, and off we went.

When we arrived, we knew we had to work fast to save daylight. Almost immediately upon arrival, Maddie mentioned having lost all hope already. You could tell they were both exhausted from looking and had almost given up. I kept telling her that if it was lost here,  we would find it. Maddie and Ali quickly showed where he had been playing volley ball when it was lost. Ali showed us where he thought he felt it slip off his finger and right away i started a grid pattern to cover the area.   I increased my recovery speed, lowered my sensitivity and left the shovels in the car knowing it would be on the surface. Willa followed me around with the pin pointer and checked any signal we found that was on surface or an inch down (in case they stepped on it).  After 45 minutes, we lost the sunlight. Out came the flashlight. Another hour or so gridding the same area we hit a solid signal on the Legend and it was a ring. NOT theirs. I could see the excitement for a split second and then despair. I felt even more determined to find it now.  I decided to expand the search just a bit further left of where they thought it would be. I told them I was on a mission and wasn’t given up. I really really wanted to find this for them. I am SO happy we were persistent. After about 15 more minutes, I hit a solid 43 signal on the surface. Willa was already there with the pin-pointer and she yells RING! Sure enough, a beautiful platinum wedding band popped out of the grass and the 2 biggest smiles painted the happy couple’s faces. They were in shock we found it and yet SO happy and extremely grateful. Willa and I were so happy just to have been able to help and it was a great bonding experience for the both of us. Another fantastic save for The Digging Dudes!

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