Beautiful wedding engagement ring found Parma Ohio

  • from Brecksville (Ohio, United States)

I received a call in the middle of the week from a wonderful lady who was helping her neighbor who is suffering from cancer do some yardwork and build a cat shelter and she had lost her wedding ring somewhere between her yard and the woman’s yard that she is helping which was 2 yards down I searched her front yard the side of her house the neighbors yard with no luck then we went back where she was putting straw in the cat shelter that she built so I was searching all around the yard while she was taking apart the cat shelter and I was picking up a lot of foil which rings up the same as gold on my whites V3i by the time I got to detecting in the straw two hours has passed and I got a great signal so both Her and I were on our hands and knees moving the straw where I got the signal she looked up and said God please let this be it and we moved another piece of straw and there was her beautiful wedding ring and engagement ring which were soldered  together she burst into tears and I must say very happy tears and I was so glad I could help her find this ring she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met as you might no because of how she lost her ring helping her neighbor who is going through chemo

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