Lost Wedding Band Found in Edmonton

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call about 10:30 AM today December 14, 2019 about a lost wedding band. Brett sounded concerned  and wanted his ring found. He had been clearing snow off his car and the ring slid off his wet fingers. I drove over to the east side of Edmonton. Brett showed me where his car was parked so I fired up my Garrett AT Gold and started looking. I got a signal immediately and pin-pointed with the pin finder. Brushing away some snow I came to ice – Brett was there while I was looking and said “is that it” as we could see the outline of the ring in ice. I used my finger to break it loose and there it was. Brett is now a happy man – he has his ring back!!  It did not take long to find.  Was a very balmy -14C today!

How do you spell relief ? – FIND THE RING!


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