Key FOB Found!

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

This morning got a call from a Lady named Tara-Lee, very concerned, she asked if I could help. She was walking dogs in a wooded area near Sherwood park, Alberta and lost her keys.
I was able to go look around with my detector and pin pointer, so off we went on the trail and spent a while checking every target that showed up but I was not successful.
Tara-Lee had called her local car dealer and was told it would cost her $800+ for the fob etc. and the vehicle would have to be towed to the dealership.
I opted to try the pin pointer on the area near where she was standing as it was steel pipe fence and the detector would pick up a signal within 1 meter of the fence.
We thought maybe the keys fell out of her pocket while she was going over the fence?
I started searching very close to where Tara-Lee is standing in the photo.
I picked up a signal with the pin pointer in about 1 meter and scraped away the snow and there they were!
Tara-Lee is now a very happy lady that she has her keys and I was happy to find them.
Tara`s daughter brought some fresh coffee, a sandwich and Tim Bits and I really enjoyed that treat on the way home.
Another happy ending!

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  1. Bill Jones says:

    Excellent Job!

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