Keys Found!

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Got a call yesterday to assist in finding a set of very important keys for Dino. Work keys, car keys and house keys. I made arrangements to meet in early afternoon and found the complex. The keys were all on one ring and had been possibly dropped in the snow. It was -15c with a -20c windchill and I got at it right away. The complex had a skid steer loader clearing snow and the gentleman figured the keys were either around his vehicle or they were scooped up by the skid-steer. Of course I checked the 2 biggest snow piles first and moved a lot of snow hardened by being piled and left overnight. The last smaller snow dump was checked and I picked up a odd tone. It made a loud tone but gave no signal at all. I went over the spot again and got the sound again. I kicked at the snow and the ring of keys slid out from under the snow. I used a Garrett AT Gold to find the keys. Dino was a happy Camper once again. The keys had been missing for 4 days and it took about 45 minutes to find them. I was invited in for tea and freshly baked cake.


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  1. Bill Jones says:

    Nice work Wayne

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