Platinum and Gold Ring recovery Mudsliding in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

from Amherst (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Contact: 1-902-885-5593

I just got back from vacation when I got an email and a voice mail from Ian. He and his beautiful wife were visiting Nova Scotia and on a Tidal bore rafting tour which included some mudsliding fun in a small inlet on the river. When he went to wash some of the mud from himself, he felt his ring slip off his finger and disappear into the muddy water.

I’ve not had any prior experience in searching for lost items in the Bay of Fundy because there is so much mud and the tide can be brutal. It has the highest tides in the world. It takes around 6 hours for the tide to change and averages around 50 feet in height. You can imagine anything that drops, would be gone in seconds.

I did a quick check of the tide chart, the tide was at it’s lowest on the day Ian’s ring fell into the mud. I knew if I didn’t get there the next day, I would never have a chance of finding it because of the tide. So I contacted Ian by phone and we made a plan to meet the next day.

We met up and went right to searching. I decided to wear my booties and wondered if the mud might suck them right off my feet. It was so slippery trying to get down to the waters edge. The tide was still up quite high ( because I’m an early bird and like to get in every second of searching) The water wasn’t so cold at first, so neck deep we were, pushing against the outgoing tide wasn’t easy. Nothing and more nothing, I thought the mission was lost after the first hour of not a signal, but determined to search until the tide went out and was on its way back in. It was getting cold, goosebumps and shivers were catching up to me when I heard the faintest sound. I went over it a few times and thought na, it sounded good but then it was acting a little like iron. I told myself, well it was the only thing I heard all day, we were going to dig it up. I did some scooping and Ian did some scooping, it just didn’t want to be found, about 20 scoops in, Ian shook the mud from the scoop and pulled out his ring. Talk about big smiles!

It’s always a big sigh of relief when a ring is found. This was the hardest search so far, and I learned a lot about the Bay of Fundy mud. It goes to show, that there is still always a chance of getting lucky.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    You are one brave person !!! I hate mud because if you get stuck how are you getting out? Great recovery!!!

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