St Francis Xavier University ring found on Prince Edward Island Beach

from Amherst (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Contact: 1-902-885-5593

July 11th 2018, Will sent me an email, saying that he found my name from The Ring Finders Webpage.  Will was visiting his girlfriend Carrie in PEI and having a swim a Thunder Cove Beach when they saw his X-ring slip from his finger into the ocean. It was mid tide and the water was 3 foot deep or more. They made a visual placemark from a cabin on the shore and searched for the ring themselves.

Carrie and her family searched the next couple of days with rakes and snorkels with no luck.

I did  quick check of the tides and we were in luck in the next few days the tide would be lower, but at the same time Tropical Storm Chris was about to pass Nova Scotia. We were  sure how bad the weather would get, lucky for us it turned out to be a beautiful day on the beach. The storm passed well out in the ocean and didn’t affect the water at all.  The odds didn’t look great, as that side of the island has such deep sand.

Kevin and I met Carrie at the beach on the 14th, we took the extra detector with us, so she could help us search. Nothing and more nothing for quite a while, then Carrie found a signal, but with no scoop, I went over to see what it was….Iron.  I dug it up anyway seeing as there was no other targets in the water, it was the tiniest sliver of a nail.  Kevin found another nail and about an hour and a half later, Carrie waved me over saying she heard another signal. I checked it out and it was the loveliest sound you would want to hear. One scoop and a shake of the sand to make it reveal the shiny gold X-ring.

Happy Day!

Carrie called Will on the phone to give him the news, you can always tell when someone is overjoyed, you can hear the emotion and it gives you the best feeling in the world.




One Reply to “St Francis Xavier University ring found on Prince Edward Island Beach”

  1. Karen Manson says:

    Saw your sight and was curious ?
    Do you come across rings that have been lost for a very long time ?
    Lost my engagement ring 30 years ago this aug at the edge of the water and beach at the hotel del Coronado in San Diego ..
    I was devistated but he married me anyway
    I’m so blessed ..
    Would be a wonderful miracle if it was found after all this time..
    We will be celebrating 30 yrs of marriage this sept and could not think of a better way than to have the ring back ..
    I think about it often and wish I could go back in time and do things differently but alas it’s been missing for so long..
    There’s so much more to our story..
    If I get a response that would be wonderful
    If not I thank you for taking the time to even read this..

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