Gold wedding ring found in Nova Scotia lake

from Amherst (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Contact: 1-902-885-5593

I got a call, asking to help find a ring that had been lost in a lake, after a canoe was tipped over. It was not in a deep area and the lake had gone down from the summer sun. Kevin and I arrived to see the lake and found out, it was out by an island. I thought hmm this was not going to be an easy search. We climbed into  a canoe and paddled out to the island to the area where he thought it should be.   I hit my first target and began to scoop and dig, the lake was rocks and mud, so muddy that I couldn’t see my detector. I kept telling myself this target was the ring. After 30 min of digging and moving rocks, Kevin managed to reach down and feel it with his fingers.


This was a fun adventure, in the rain, a canoe, ducks, and a beautiful lake. But there was nothing better than seeing happy faces when the ring was returned.




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  1. Bill Jones says:

    Nice Job Guys! thats a big lake to search for that small ring.

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